The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 26

Much later, Perion awoke a bit disoriented. Her sleep-fogged brain soon cleared enough for her to realize what had happened. The body in bed beside her was not Blaine’s. Perion slid out of Lein’s bed. She didn’t dare turn on a light. She was disoriented because of the darkness, but she managed to find some of her clothing scattered about the room. She couldn’t find her shirt or bra. Perion then remembered that her missing articles of clothing were downstairs. She hastily gathered up the clothing she did have and partially dressed herself. She moved around the room as quietly as she could, because she didn’t want to wake Lein. If she did, he’d convince her to stay. Perion didn’t want to stay, or at least had herself convinced of that. She had just had two rolls in bed with a man who didn’t love her, while she had a man at home who did [or at least she thought he did, anyway].

Before she bolted downstairs to retrieve the rest of her clothing, Perion took a quick glance at the man she had given herself to so carelessly. Lein’s tanned body was sprawled beneath royal blue silk sheets. He was sleeping on his stomach, with his tattooed arms underneath a pillow. Thankfully for her, his head was turned away from her. But it didn’t matter anyway, he was asleep. She could tell by the deep breaths he was taking. She glanced momentarily at his back. She had really scratched him up. There were probably similar marks all the way down, even on his ass. They’d been a couple of animals, all right. It had surely been due to all the tension between them. It had sprung out in their lovemaking almost violently.

Perion silently crept out of the bedroom and made her way downstairs. It was darker downstairs than up. She could see even less. She gave her eyes a few moments to adjust to the darkness, and then she frantically began searching the room for her shirt and bra. When her eyes failed her, she got down on her hands and knees and crawled around the area where she thought her clothing might be located. She had no luck finding anything. She couldn’t see well enough to look under the furniture. For a brief moment, she was tempted to turn on a light. Surely, the glow from one lamp would not draw Lein out of his slumber. However, she didn’t want to take that chance.

“Fuck,” she grumbled under her breath, “where is it?”

After a few more minutes of frantic searching, Perion gave up. She stood and went back upstairs. She had to find something to put on. Her eyes quickly spotted Lein’s discarded shirt. She bent over and snagged it off the floor. After she slipped into it and buttoned it three quarters of the way, she noticed how strongly it smelled of Lein’s cologne. In fact, she could smell the cologne on her own body as well. Blaine would surely notice. He wore a different kind of cologne, and his paranoia regarding Lein would probably strengthen his senses. She sighed, knowing she really had little choice. She had to wear the shirt; she had to leave. She took one more unconsciously longing glance at Lein before she crept back downstairs to telephone for a taxi.

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