The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 3

In another state many miles away from the fledgling Bitter Wynter, a band had been signed to a contract with a major label. The hero of this tale was the lead singer of the band. The band was Hard Axe, made up of four members: Lein Blake, nineteen; Ronnie Blake, eighteen; Frank Farrell, also eighteen; and Robb Dyal; twenty. Some of the guys had been involved with music nearly five years. Their young ages hadn’t mattered at all; they could rock with the best of them.

They played any and every place they could and had gained a huge L.A. fan base. With a base backing them, they made a demo and sent it out to every hard rock radio station in the area. They heard nothing at first. They kept playing and gained more and more fans. They became local stars and headlined at Heavy Metal Thunder, the hottest rock club in L.A. David Cochran, the head of talent at the club, had invited down a group of A & R people from various record companies to hear the bands. Cochran wanted Hard Axe heard in particular. He knew they were good, but not many companies wanted to sign them. At the time, heavy metal had gone out of vogue; bubble gum pop was the thing. But Cochran was persistent. The members of Hard Axe knew about the execs, but they weren’t expecting anything. They went on stage and rocked like they always had. To their major delight, Saturn Records wanted them, as did West Coast Gold. Saturn outbid West Coast Gold and offered Hard Axe a deal so sweet they found it hard to turn down. In a short time, they would become stars. They, of course, could not believe it. Four punks’ prayers had been answered. They would finally do what they always wanted to do. Do it, they did.

Hard Axe cut their debut in a limited amount of time and released it. The fledgling effort went straight to the top and made the band major stars. Everything buzzed so pleasantly along for the band. For many years, they had to struggle in the clubs; they knew for a time that their struggle had ended.

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