The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 4

Blaine became a pushy manager. He pushed Bitter Wynter to parties, teen clubs, school functions, and so on. They pretty much boasted small town tri-state success. By the time Perion was eighteen, her band had done so well that she and Debi had been able to quit their jobs at the cafe. Marilinn protested, but Perion had ignored the protests. But what bothered Marilinn the most was the fact that Perion and Blaine were dating exclusively. It was exactly what she had not wanted to happen. She had tried to tell her daughter and express her feelings, but Perion literally refused to listen.

One evening, Perion came home from a gig and found her mother waiting up for her. “Uh oh, am I late,” Perion asked guiltily.

“Nope, oh idiot child of mine, you’re right on time. I’m waiting for another reason.”

Perion didn’t like her mother’s tone of voice. It usually meant trouble. “You are? Like for what?”

“Sit down,” Marilinn commanded.

Perion sat down beside her mother. “You’ve been with Blaine two years, haven’t you?”

She nodded, and hoped fervently that her mother wasn’t about to give her the ‘sex speech.’ She was a little too old for that. “Yeah, so?”

“Don’t you remember the little promise you made to me?”

“Nope, I sure don’t.”

Marilinn smiled a bit bitterly. “I knew you’d forget. You promised not to date only Blaine.”

Perion smiled, relieved that she wouldn’t be asked if she had been prescribed birth control pills. “Oh that. Momma, it’s no biggie. Why is it so important anyway?”

“It just is. Do you want to be young, have fun?”

“Sure I do, and I am. What are you getting at?”

“Perion, don’t you want to see other boys besides Blaine?”

“No, of course not,” she spat, horrified. “I love him,” she declared. “Why would I want to see anybody else?”

“That’s my point. You’re limiting your experience to one boy just like you said you wouldn’t. What if you or Blaine meets someone else to be with, say after you get married? Then what? Adultery? I just don’t want you to be unhappy.”

“That won’t happen to us, we’re happy together.”

“What if it changes, Perion? Times change, as do people, as do feelings. You can’t always bank on being together. Something could always go wrong.”

“Oh Momma, I know nothing will. We’ve been together two years, if something was going to go wrong, it would have. We’re obviously meant to be together.”

“No, Perion, you don’t know. You can’t control situations twenty-four hours a day. If that were possible, I wouldn’t be a widow right now.”

Perion stood and crossed her arms in front of her chest defiantly. “I’m not giving him up, Mother. I refuse to do that. I love him and he loves me. I don’t want to date anyone else, neither does he. We just want to be together and that’s that. If you’re done, I’d like to go to bed now.”

“Perion,” Marilinn spat angrily.

“No, Momma, NO!”

Perion stormed out and left the room. When she stepped into her bedroom, she locked the door, opened the window, and climbed out. She supposed she intended to walk to Blaine’s house, but it was realistically too far. Instead, she walked to the nearest pay phone. She plugged a quarter in the slot and dialed Blaine’s number from memory.

Blaine picked up Perion about twenty minutes after she called. He drove her out to a deserted spot so they could talk. Perion told Blaine what her mother had said. “Jeez, what does she know anyway, Peri? Nothing. I hope you told her so,” Blaine said.

Perion leaned back against the jeep’s door. “I did, then I split. God, I’ll be so glad when we can leave this town.”

“You know, maybe we can leave right now.”

She looked at him as if he’d lost his mind. “What are you talking about?”

“Perion, your band is being held back playing here. You ought to move everybody out to L.A. where the real action is, where you can make stuff happen.”

She smiled sardonically. “Oh right. We can’t do that, baby. No money and a couple of us are still in school.”

“I’ll finance the trip and school can go to hell. What do you say?”

“Blaine, we couldn’t-”

He interrupted her. “You won’t make it if you stay here, that’s the bottom line, Perion. If the band goes to L.A., you’re almost guarandamnedteed to get a deal. You got to admit the idea sounds pretty cool,” he said.

“It does, you don’t know how much, but we can’t-”

He interrupted her again. “You can. I know you can. I’ll bet if you agreed to go, the others would, too. Come on, Peri, you know you want it.”

And she did, only God knew how much. But she would be forced to give up so much to do it. The band deserved to become successful; they had played enough in the region to know that. She simply didn’t know if she could leave the security of home. Despite what Blaine thought, she did care about school, her mother, and the old cliché of ‘familiar faces and familiar places.’

“Blaine, I got to think about it, okay?”

He nodded. “Okay, but you’d better think real hard.”

“I will, you know I will.”

He leaned toward her and kissed her. With his lips almost still against her own, he said, “You know, if you decide to go, we’ll be sort of shackin’ up.”

“Yeah, I know,” she told him shyly.

She was still a virgin and quite coy about it. However, he had a feeling that the situation was about to change quickly. He had to do something to keep her under his thumb for a little longer. If something didn’t happen between them that very night, everything he had worked for would crap out. Nothing would ever happen for the band, and he didn’t want that. Blaine knew Perion was a bit naïve. If he actually managed to fuck her, she’d instantly believe she had to follow wherever he went.

He moved to kiss her again. “Do you wanna get some practice in,” he asked softly once he broke the kiss.

“No, I don’t. I haven’t made my mind up about going yet. But when I do, I think I’ll gladly do whatever you want,” she said smiling.

“I’ll take you up on that. You’d better believe that.”

“Oh, I know you will,” she said grinning.

Without waiting for her to protest, he began to run his large hands down her back. He smiled a little as he felt goose flesh forming where he’d touched. It was only a matter of time. He snaked one large hand around to cup her left breast through her tee shirt. It didn’t matter that the material was between his hand and her breast, it felt as if he were actually touching it. She closed her eyes and sighed a little. His hand moved from her breast, and he slid it underneath her shirt, pushing it up at the same time. His fingers snaked inside her bra to touch her naked flesh. It had been done many times, but she had never felt so giddy as she did at that moment. She didn’t know what it was, but the feeling seemed more intense than ever.

She leaned further back against the door as he unsnapped her bra from the front. He took her pink nipple into his mouth. “Blaine,” she spat out, “we need more room. If we keep up like this, we might kick the jeep in gear and kill ourselves.”

He chuckled against her flesh, making her quiver a little. Perion pulled her shirt back down and got out of the jeep. Blaine rummaged around in the back seat for the old, tattered blanket he kept for such occasions. She watched him in silence as he spread the blanket out over the wet grass. He sat down first and drew her to his lap so that she could feel him. He then pushed her shirt back up and suckled the other nipple. Perion closed her eyes and leaned back a little. She didn’t realize he had pushed her down until she felt her back hit the blanket. His lips continued to suckle each nipple, and she was completely helpless to stop him.

“Blaine, I think you ought to stop, okay?” Although she had asked him to stop, she honestly didn’t want that. She simply hoped he had more control than she.

He flicked his tongue around her left nipple, stopping to look up at her with a smile. “Stop? No way.”

Blaine moved to take her lips once again. He slid his hand down to the elastic waistband of her shorts and slipped it inside them. He touched her and she cried out against his lips. He had never touched her down there before. What was his purpose in doing this to her? She had no self-control. He knew that.

Perion’s shorts and panties were somehow going down of their own volition. Blaine kissed her as he caressed her bare legs and thighs. She sighed softly against his mouth, knowing she should stop him, but was unable. His hand moved down to separate her thighs. Slowly and deliberately, his fingers began to caress her. We’re going too far, her mind screamed. Their make-out sessions had not gone so far ever before. His finger entered her, touching the very center of her. At that point, she felt something explode inside her. She cried out sharply and Blaine kissed her to stifle her cries. She then heard a very distinct sound: a zipper going down.

He came down between her parted thighs and entered her before she could react. She tensed up, exquisite pain. It was like being reamed out with a splintery hoe handle. It hurt, and the more he thrust, the worse the pain built. To her relief, he came very quickly, crying out. She could feel strong bursts of fluid being forced out of him and into her. Those bursts mean he’s coming, my friend, her inner voice told her. And you know what that means? You could be getting pregnant right at this exact moment. That was her worst fear. Getting pregnant would abruptly end any dream she had. I’ll bet it has happened, I’ll just bet it has, she thought. It was the way her luck ran. What would she do then?

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