The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 8

Lein and Perion wanted to make love in the car, but didn’t. They decided to sit tight and wait to get to Lein’s before they allowed anything to happen. The ride to Lein’s was so similar to the first night they were together, it was nearly painful.

Once they made it to his home, nothing had to be held back. They had barely gotten to the front door before he took her in his arms and kissed her. During the kiss, he fumbled his key ring out of his pocket and managed to get the key to the front door into the lock. When he turned the doorknob, they fell through the doorway and tumbled to the floor. Laughing hysterically, they managed to stand up and his door managed to get closed and locked back.

Despite being entwined together, they somehow managed to climb the stairs to his bedroom, and to undress each other. Down onto his bed her body drifted, and down his came after, the most perfect harmonious body to hers she could possibly ever hope for. Like a glove, he fit her. His hands and mouth touched her, setting her on fire, and she allowed him to ignite those fires over and over again.

She, in turn, explored him, finding his sensitive spots and using that knowledge to her advantage. And like her, he allowed her to light his own fires. Once more, he was with her, and he damn well intended to keep her there. He wanted to keep her with him longer than a short-lived affair. The word forever kept coming into his mind, and that was okay, it was right. When he entered her, and their bodies became one, he nearly cried. There was nothing he wanted more than her, and he knew he would never settle for anything less again.

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