The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 10

Heavy Metal Thunder was lit up like a Christmas tree that night. None of the girls had ever seen the club so brilliantly lit. The outside marquee, where they usually saw their band’s name among others as performers, was decorated with only one sentence: PRIVATE PARTY BY INVITATION ONLY. It would be the first exclusive party they’d ever attended, and amazingly enough; they were the individuals being honored. The girls’ faces were splashed with shocked looks. Blaine, of course, ate it up. He put his arm around Perion and courted her around as if she were the Queen of England and he her King.

Perion was unaware of the weight of Blaine’s arm. She was more concerned about finding Lein. She’d been looking forward to seeing him all night. She had even worn an outfit she hoped he would like. It was somewhat revealing, but she’d fallen in love with it as soon as she saw it. It consisted of a black crushed velvet halter like top and a matching slim skirt that fell almost to her ankles, but was slit up to the thigh on one side. With it, she wore spiky heeled sandals that strapped around her ankles. Her hair, usually worn up, hung loose in waves over her shoulders and down her back.

As soon as the group entered the building, Perion’s eyes searched through the massive crowd for Lein. He was not hard to spot at all. He stood with the other members of Hard Axe and had seen her the instant she’d walked into the room. And as Perion had hoped, he loved the way she looked. He thought she was beautiful when only wearing simple blue jeans and a tee shirt. However, that night, she looked breathtaking. It seemed as if every male head in the room turned toward her. It was as if she were the only female alive on the planet. If she comes near me with Blaine, I won’t be able to hide my feelings for her, Lein thought.

The girls and Blaine eventually made their way to the group where Lein stood with his fellow band members. Lein kept his eyes averted to control his thoughts. He knew that if he looked at her, his eyes would betray all the emotions he felt. Leave her side, all right, Lein mentally commanded. He needed to be near her soon or he’d explode. As if an unseen deity heard his silent prayer, Blaine moved away from Perion to chat with the lead singer of one of his favorite bands. Lein silently thanked the guy for dragging Blaine away, and he hoped Blaine would remain occupied for at least an hour.

The other girls dispersed through the crowd while Debi went off with Ronnie. There was plenty of activity going on. They’d have to find a place to be alone fast, Cochran would soon blast Bitter Wynter’s demo over the sound system. He and Perion would then have to join the girls to meet the invited press.

Oblivious of the people around them, they moved through the crowded club and walked toward the backstage area. The two of them went to the corridor leading to the dressing rooms. Perion went toward Bitter Wynter’s, but Lein moved her forward.

“What are you doing? We don’t have access to those other rooms,” she whispered.

He stopped and smiled at her. “I think your dressing room would be a little too public since so many have access to it. No other bands who perform here currently are here tonight. I have these to get access to them,” he told her, holding up a brass ring loaded with keys of various shapes and sizes.

“How’d you get those?”

He winked at her. “I sort of lifted ’em off Cochran. Now come on.”

Lein took her hand and they entered a vacant dressing room down the hall. Once inside the room, he kissed her with all the heat and fervor of a long lost lover.

When the kiss was broken, he looked at her and smiled. “Have I told you how amazing you look tonight,” he asked.

She smiled. “Not yet. Like my surprise?”

“Consider yourself told then, and I love your surprise,” Lein said, then kissed her again, unable to get enough of her sweet mouth.

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