The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 13

Perion gave her last performance as Wild Innocence at The Rose Bush a few days after her fight with Blaine. Luckily for Perion, Blaine had not shown up, and she was glad. She didn’t want more of the ugliness to occur between them since she had stupidly said ‘I do.’ She often wondered what would have happened if Lein had arrived early enough to stop the wedding. She usually didn’t think of that often because it only depressed her even more.

When Perion left the club that night, Lein was waiting for her outside. She had very mixed emotions when she saw him. She wanted to walk away from him and go home to her mundane, yet terrifying marriage to Blaine. But again, that thought was horrifying in itself. She never passed up a chance to see Lein, even if it took Blaine calling her a bitch again. She loved Lein; there was simply no way she could stay away from him.

Perion stood a short distance away from him. “Why didn’t you come in?”

He smiled a little and leaned against his car. “I was in. I saw the act. It was fabulous, as always. Probably your best ever.”

She slowly approached him. She stood beside him and leaned against the car as he was, intentionally mocking him. “Glad you liked it.”

“You know, you haven’t been yourself lately. What’s wrong?”

She sighed. “You don’t want to know.”

“You’re wrong there, I do want to know. What’s going on?”

She rolled her eyes dramatically, trying to make herself laugh, but ended up crying instead. He tried to move in and comfort her, but she wouldn’t let him. “No, I’m okay,” she said. “It’s Blaine, he’s just driving me crazy, that’s all.”

He groaned. “Oh no, not again. Let me guess, it was about me, about us.”

She nodded. “Yeah.” She wiped her tears away and exhaled a deep breath. “He saw us at the party, and I’m almost positive he knows we’re seeing each other. We had a few words, and none of them were very pretty. When he gets insecure, he gets ugly.”

“He didn’t hit you, did he?”

“No, nothing like that, he just talks. But that’s bad enough sometimes. The thing is, it’s sort of not sinking in, because I can’t seem to stay away from you. I don’t want to. It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m telling him tonight that it’s over,” she told him, looking at him. “Take me home with you and make love to me.”

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