The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 5

Perion didn’t go into the house when Blaine dropped her off. Instead, she went to the shed so she could think about her situation. She didn’t know what would become of her if she was pregnant and her mother found out. Oh come on, you’re not that stupid, Moms would blow up, her inner voice informed her, that’s what would happen. She felt she had no choice but to go to California with Blaine. She didn’t think she’d have to wait a month or two to find out for sure, she already knew. She was pregnant. She didn’t even have to be told so. She hoped fervently she could convince Randi, Debi, and Syndi to come along as well. She would be nowhere without her band and their music. She was so confused.

Perion left the shed and walked over to Debi’s. Although she was close to the others, it was Debi whom she thought of as her confidante. The two girls went immediately to Debi’s bedroom. Debi had been listening to a Hard Axe tape when Perion arrived, but she’d turned it off when she noticed the serious expression on Perion’s face.

“Peri, what’s the matter with you? You’re acting kinda funny,” Debi observed.

Perion sat down on Debi’s bed Indian-style and looked at her friend, who lay stomach down across her bed. “Me and Blaine did it tonight,” she said quietly.

Debi, still mooning over Hard Axe’s heavy music, only partially heard what her friend had said. She didn’t quite catch every word, but she thought Perion had said something about ‘doing it’ with Blaine. When the words sunk in little by little, she did a double take look at Perion.

"Say what,” Debi squealed, her high-pitched voice piercing Perion’s brain like a pneumatic drill.

Perion sighed and repeated, “I said we did it tonight.”

Debi sat up quickly. Hard Axe had been temporarily forgotten, this was big news. “You guys did it? Oh my God, I can’t believe it…”

Perion burst into tears. Bewildered, Debi just sat and stared at her friend. “I’ll just b-bet I’m pregnant,” Perion wailed, “what am I going to do?”

Debi moved in to hug her. They sat with their arms around each other for a long time. When Perion’s tears dried up, she told Debi about Blaine’s idea of going to L.A.

“Peri, I’ll go if you do. I agree with Blaine. We’re never gonna make it if we don’t leave. Randi and Syndi feel the same. They’ve never said so, but I can tell. We can talk to them.”

“What if we go to L.A. and I do have a kid? How are we gonna do it,” Perion spat out, moaning.

“We’ll work it out, Peri, we will. Besides, who says you’re pregnant? It doesn’t happen every time you do it. Trust me, I know. Don’t you remember sex education in school? God Peri, what were you doing during class?”

Perion smiled a little through her tears. “I was writing songs.” Her smile faded. “I know I am, Debi, I just know it. He didn’t have one of those, you know, rubbers. I didn’t plan for this to happen, I really didn’t want it to, but it did.”

Again, Debi held her friend. “It’s okay, Peri, it’s okay,” she soothed.

As it turned out, the others agreed to go to L.A. as Debi predicted. They told Blaine their decision, and he set about making plans. They collectively agreed not to tell anyone where they would go or when they planned to leave. They knew if they did, hell on earth would arrive. Blaine rented a truck to drive them and Bitter Wynter’s equipment to L.A. They left early one morning, sneaking out of their sleeping houses like thieves.

When Marilinn discovered her daughter’s empty bed the next morning, she nearly went crazy with anger and worry. Perion had left a brief note: I’m sorry Momma, I left with Blaine. She did not go after her daughter or call the police. Marilinn knew it was time for Perion to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions. Marilinn also realized she’d been about Perion’s age when she lost herself in Anthony Thorn.

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