The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 17

Lein knocked on Marilinn Thorn’s front door. God, let her be here, he thought. The door opened and Marilinn found herself staring into the face of the man who had been in the posters on Perion’s walls. He was also the man who had broken her baby’s heart.

“Yes,” she said coldly.

“Please tell me Perion is here,” he said, his voice very near a desperate moan.

“She’s here, all right, I don’t think she wants to see you.”

Perion had obviously told Moms about what he had failed to do all along. “Mrs. Thorn, please let her make that decision.” Moms was not going to budge, it was very obvious in her eyes.

“I had to fix the mess you made of her. I don’t want it to be done again,” she said, and was intent to slam the door.

Lein quickly inserted his foot into the decreasing space between the door and its frame. Instead of a loud resounding bang, Marilinn felt unyielding resistance. The instantaneous painful jolt raged from his foot up to his thigh and he grimaced, clenching his teeth tightly. The pain was intense, but not nearly as intense as his desire to find Perion.

“Look, Mrs. Thorn, Perion’s got the wrong idea about me. Do you think I came all this way, getting my foot smashed to shit, just to use her up? I love her, but I don’t think she knows that. I’m here to tell her. I will find her, even if it means going through this door and you to do it.”

The pressure on his foot slowly began to subside as the door came open. “Come in,” Marilinn said huskily, his words had touched her with their sincerity. “I’ll have to draw you a map or you’ll never find her.”

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