The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 20

Upon Perion and Lein’s return to California, Perion went to the apartment first to let the girls know what was going on. However, when they arrived, the entire apartment was deserted. It was as if they had never lived there at all. Perion stood and looked around the room in confusion. What was going on?

Perion turned when she heard Lein entering the room. He had gone to speak to the landlady, leaving Perion in the room wandering around like a disaster victim.

“Did you find out what’s going on,” she asked.

He nodded soberly. “Babe, I’m afraid Blaine closed out the lease, returned the key, and left. The landlady told me that when the girls got home a couple of afternoons ago, all their stuff and yours was packed up and waiting outside for them. She doesn’t know where they went-”

Perion interrupted. “Where in the hell-”

Lein held up his hands. “Hang on, I’m getting to that. When the lady said she didn’t know where they went, I called Ronnie. Since he’s dating Debs, I figured he’d know. Well, come to find out, my baby bro set them up in one of his old digs.”

Perion sighed. “Oh Jesus, Lee, they must be frantic. We need to get there and tell them what’s going on.”

“They know, babe. Whatever I haven’t told them, Ronnie has.”

Ronnie’s old digs consisted of a converted high-ceiling attic room in an old warehouse turned apartment building. He had it redesigned and redecorated. The main room that served as a living room contained pristine white, black, and gray furniture, a dove gray carpet, and a big-screen television. A bathroom was just off the main room, and it contained a sunken bathtub large enough to bathe a baby elephant. On the other end of the main room, there was a kitchen with modern appliances and a well-stocked refrigerator. A loft and spiral staircase had been constructed to give the room a two-floor, open ceiling appearance. The loft area was designated for bedrooms, and was equipped with two gigantic waterbeds. It was big and rattling, but very charming and roomy compared to the overcrowded one bedroom apartment Blaine had found for them when they first arrived in Los Angeles.

On the way over to the new place, Lein told Perion that Ronnie had more or less given the apartment and all its furnishings to the girls. After all, it wasn’t their fault Blaine was such an ass. But Perion knew that she, as well as the others, wouldn’t allow Ronnie to give such an amazing gift without some kind of compensation. Perion knew that Debi would be more than happy to provide some of that payment.

The girls were happy to see Perion, but weren’t surprised in the least at how things came out. Perion was glad and relieved. She and the others were also ready to get things moving again on their debut.

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