The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 23

Another party was thrown in Bitter Wynter’s honor at Heavy Metal Thunder. The band performed in front of an amazing crowd and would later join the party themselves. Lein had told them earlier they would be negotiating a promotional tour with the record company very soon. Further, Lein also began to search for his replacement. He could no longer act as manager due to his own schedule. Hard Axe already had a tour in the works, and there was no way Lein would be able to go out with Bitter Wynter. Lein had thought of having the girls open for Hard Axe, but they had already made arrangements for another opener.

All this meant that Perion wouldn’t see Lein very often at all for a while. She definitely did not like that idea. It had become quite difficult for her to view her daily life without Lein in it.

Backstage, Lein found the girls in the middle of changing to come out to the party. “You guys were great,” Lein told them.

“Ah, shut up, you’re biased. You only say that ’cause you’re sleeping with the lead singer,” Syndi said jokingly, hoping to get a laugh out of Perion. She didn’t laugh; she only smiled faintly at Syndi.

Lein smiled a little and approached Perion where she sat. He leaned down and kissed her shoulder gently. “Hey, what’s on your mind? You look disturbed.”

“Blaine’s out there tonight,” she said flatly.

“Do you want me to call somebody? Or I could take care of him myself,” he said.

She shook her head. “No, I’ll handle him. I have to talk to him sooner or later. If I don’t, we’ll never get a divorce.” Perion stood and gave Lein a kiss. “Hang around, okay? Maybe later we can celebrate my victory.”

“Let’s hope so,” he told her smiling.

Together, they left the dressing room. Once outside in the crowd, they separated. Perion moved through the droves of people [many of whom she didn’t recognize] in search of Blaine. He wasn’t hard to find, there weren’t many people in the crowded club as tall or with such long hair as he.

Someone nudged him in the ribs and he turned around to see Perion approaching him. He put on a sly smile as she closed the distance between them.

Once she was near him, she looked up into his eyes. “We need to talk,” she said in a loud voice. The music in the club was blaring.

“Okay,” he hollered back, “let’s talk.”

“Come with me.”

Perion took his hand and led him back through the crowded dance floor. She led him to the dressing rooms. There was no way they could talk out on the floor with all the noise jumping in the club. Once they approached Bitter Wynter’s dressing room, Perion peeked in to make sure they were alone. When she was sure the room was deserted, they entered. She closed the door behind them and locked it.

Blaine approached one of the vanity tables and boosted himself on top of it. He crossed his skinny ankles and stared at her intently. Perion sat down in a chair near him and stared back just as intently.

“Now I know you didn’t bring me in here just to stare at me,” he said with an amused voice.

“No,” she said dryly, “I didn’t. I brought you in here to discuss the divorce decree I got shoved in my face.”

“You read it, I suppose? You know what I want.”

“Blaine, you’re not entitled to anything I may make in the future, and you’re certainly not going to get half of shit,” she said softly.

He shook his head and chuckled sarcastically. “Oh, this is news. I’m not entitled to anything, huh? Well, baby, that’s bullshit and you know it. You never would have gotten anywhere without my guidance. You’d still be in Arkansas playing goddamn kiddie birthday fucking parties. You definitely would not have a number one album, now would you? I’m entitled, Perion, because what you are is what I made you.”

“Blaine...” she began.

He held up his hands. “Oh no, don’t start, I ain’t done yet. What Lein got when I was done was already honed to perfection by me. He had nothing to do with what you were when he got his hands on you.”

“We were still nothings before Lein came into our lives. We were working at the same club night after night. You never tried to get us new gigs. Hell, Blaine, you liked not getting us new gigs because you knew if you did, some other person would step in and help us get where you wouldn’t take us. All you did was keep me at that damned strip club so you could collect money I made with my body. And at Tranquility Lane, you had control over the others, too. You knew you could keep a percentage of what we made because of your status as manager. All it ever was for you was money, money, and money. You never cared whether we made it or not, all you cared about was the control you had over me, over the band. You never cared about our music, talent, or abilities as musicians. Lein came in at the most perfect moment of our careers. He cared about the music, our talent, and our abilities. He wanted us to succeed, to get further than your cousin’s shitty club, and he has never taken one red cent from us.”

“He never took any money because you’re paying him through fucking him. If you weren’t in bed with him on a nightly basis, he’d take money. All Lein wanted was to fuck you, Perion, and he has succeeded at that quite nicely, don’t you think?” Blaine stated crudely.

His vulgar cruelty didn’t shake her at all. “All I know, Blaine, is that it’s always been money with you. You came from wealth, you’re quite accustomed to money and all the nice things it can do for you. You never wanted to be poor because you saw what it was like with us back home. You want money and a nice little decoration on your arm. You want people to notice you, what you have, and what you are. You don’t want them to notice anyone around you. If someone is successful, you want your finger in that pie, Blaine. That’s the only reason you ever wanted me in the first place. You wanted what I could do for you, how I could make you look, and how much money I’d allow you to control. Well, I hate to break the news to you, Blaine, but that’s never going to happen again. I don’t intend to let you have one dime out of my pocket that I earned by singing, something of which you really didn’t support at all.”

“And I don’t see how you’re going to get out of it, Perion. I have a pretty solid case against you. A lot of people know what went on between you and Lein while we shared bed and board,” he told her again, utilizing an amused voice.

“I think I have a pretty solid case against you, too, Blaine,” she said.

He laughed. “Fiction can be fun. What ever do you have against me? I didn’t fuck around behind your back.”

“No, I don’t suppose you ever did. If so, you hid it pretty well. However, I do have several accounts of abuse and other kinds of wonderful mental cruelty you meted out to me over the years. I can also prove your obsession with money. Each and every one of the girls can attest to it, they saw it first hand. And then there’s Lein. He witnessed quite a few episodes himself. There are others, for instance, like my mother. Do I need to go on?”

Something seemed to dawn on Blaine at that instant. He hadn’t thought of what she could do. And she was right; she could do exactly what she said. She could actually counter sue and pretty much destroy him if she wanted. Yet, he believed his proof of adultery could overshadow all. Adultery was serious shit in divorce proceedings, his lawyer had told him so.

“If money is all you want, Blaine, I can offer you a very small settlement,” she told him, breaking into his thoughtful reverie. “Our debut is doing well, it seems, and there will be some money. It’s not exactly what you were expecting, but it’s more than I’ve made doing anything else.”

“No way, Perion. Adultery is serious shit,” he told her, saying his lawyer’s words aloud. “I think I can take you to court and get exactly what I’m after.”

“And I think I can convince the divorce court that adultery was my only way out of an abusive relationship. If you get anything, Blaine, it’ll be an amount much smaller than what I’m offering today. You better take it and run.”

He smiled. It was an ugly, dark, dirty smile. It was the smile of Satan, or one of His imps. “Are you threatening me?”

She matched his smile, he recoiled a bit, and his smile died quickly. “No, not in the least. I’m simply telling you the best way to get out of this marriage ahead.”

He hopped down from the vanity table. “Well, fuck you, Peri. I’ll be seeing ya in court.” He approached the door, unlocked it, and made his exit.

Once he was gone, Perion buried her face in her hands and sighed heavily. She didn’t hear Lein enter the room a few minutes later. He kneeled down in front of her and touched her arm. She uncovered her face and looked at him. It was obvious she’d been crying.

“You okay, babe,” he asked softly.

She nodded. “Yeah, it was just intense. He intends to go to court, unless he changes his mind after he’s thought about what happened in here. The thing is, right now, I don’t care. He can have whatever he wants, I just want out of this marriage so I don’t have to think of him ever again.”

He took her hands in his and kissed them. “It’ll happen.” He slipped her long skirt up a little past her knees. He gently kissed one knee, then the other.

Looking down at him, she stroked his hair. “You can always make me feel so good, despite the circumstances,” she said smiling.

“Well, you know, I can try doing more to increase that good feeling if you let me,” he told her, gazing intently into her eyes.

“So, what are you waiting for? I don’t have time to go out and make up invitations,” she told him, holding his gaze.

“We have a few things to take care of first,” he said, “like this, for example.” He pushed up her skirt until her delicate black lace panties were revealed. “And these,” he said, running a finger lightly along the waistband of the garment.

Holding her skirt bunched up against her body, Perion lifted her hips slightly off the chair where she sat. “Take care of it, then,” she said, her voice filled with desire.

The panties were removed in a whisper-quick motion of Lein’s hands. “And these,” he said, indicating her garter held stockings. “But then, I think I’ll leave them on. It might be more fun. What do you think?”

She lowered herself back onto the chair, but remained seated at the very edge, leaned back a bit. “I think it’s a wonderful idea,” she whispered.

“Good,” he said, gently parting her thighs.

He placed small kisses on the inside of her thighs. She sighed tremblingly. She wanted to entangle her hands into his hair, but if she did, her bunched-up skirt would come down on top of his head, shattering the mood. She parted her thighs wider as his arms came up around her lower back to prevent her from falling out of the chair. One of his arms dropped down onto her exposed thigh and gripped it, as his mouth moved closer to the center of her.

His tongue entered her, darting and licking, and she drew in a sharp intake of breath. Again, she resisted the urge to plunge her hands into his hair. She clutched at her skirt until her knuckles turned white. Perion tried hard not to make any noise; she didn’t want to draw a crowd of spectators. But it was very hard. His darting tongue and parted lips did such delicious things to her, things that made her want to scream out her passion, her overwhelming desire.

When his tongue and lips encircled that utmost sensitive part of her sex, she couldn’t help but moan aloud and gasp. He manipulated the tender spot so slowly, so gently, it was mind numbing. She felt such amazing quivering sensations; she didn’t know what to do. It was wonderful and terrible all at the same time. She wanted and sought release, but she held back, wanting to allow the fire inside her to burn longer. Each time she, two, three...she cried out, not caring about spectators any longer.

After he pulled away, he drew her down to the floor with him. In a few short movements, Lein was freed of his clothing barriers. They went to work freeing Perion of hers. Lein, hard and ready, entered her right away. As he moved within her, he knew he would never love anyone as much as her.

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