The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 26

Hard Axe and Bitter Wynter’s tours went into hiatus to allow Lein and Perion the opportunity to get acquainted with the other’s family. They wanted to do so quickly because the couple planned to marry and honeymoon before both tours resumed.

As it turned out, Marilinn held no hard feelings against Lein. She, in fact, got to know him a lot better and ended up liking him quite a bit. He was more than shocked at that occurrence. And as Lein had told Perion, his parents grew fond of her as well. They went on and on about Perion being the best girlfriend Lein had ever had. Perion was made a part of the Blake family weeks before the wedding actually occurred. Marilinn welcomed Lein to the Conner/Thorn family in much the same fashion.

The soon-to-be wed couple was happy that all the formality was out of the way. All they had left to wait for was their wedding day. When the day finally came, it dawned clear and semi-cloudless, which was good for all. The wedding would be held outside in Justyn and Anna Blake’s backyard.

Keeping tradition, and to appease their families, Perion and Lein had remained separated from each other some time prior to the wedding. Once Perion had arrived at the Blake’s home the morning of the nuptials, she had been shuffled upstairs to a spare bedroom [coincidentally, Lein’s old bedroom] so she could prepare herself. Debi was with her, of course, as was Randi and Syndi. Debi was to be the Maid of Honor and the others were to be bridesmaids.

Per request by her mother [Marilinn was the soul of tradition], Perion had agreed to wear white, but only if she could pick out her own dress. She thought she had done herself proud, the dress was gorgeous. It consisted of two ruffled lace tiers that spilled into a hanky hem, and was lined on the inside with lightly boned acetate taffeta. It had a deep V-back, shirred front, and matching fingerless gloves that stretched all the way up to her forearms.

Perion nervously fiddled with her hair and did not catch what Syndi had tried to say to her. She only caught the word ‘one.’ “Huh,” she asked.

Syndi laughed. “I said this almost seems like the first one.”

“No way,” Perion said, smiling, “nothing like it. I have butterflies, but they’re staying in my stomach today. Did you get a look at my mother? God, she’s gorgeous,” Perion exclaimed as she busily rolled her hair up into a loose French twist.

“Yeah, Marilinn looks great, and very happy.”

“Can you believe we’re starting a major tour as soon as day after tomorrow,” Randi said, exasperated.

Randi looked breathtaking, but likely felt uncomfortable in the black formal dress Perion had chosen for the bridesmaids. Randi was, and always would be, a casual lady.

“No, I can’t,” Perion said, just as exasperated as she stuck a black onyx comb into the twist to hold it.

“That doesn’t give you much time to honeymoon,” Debi said.

Perion smiled a little. “That’s okay. We’ve already had plenty of honeymooning activities in the past, so it really won’t be too bad. Debs, can you go out and take a look at Lee for me?”

Debi grinned. “Come on, Peri, you’re gonna see him soon enough.”

“I know, but please go out and have a look anyway, okay?” Perion pleaded.

Debi left the room and went downstairs. While she began looking for Lein, she happened to notice all the people gathered around the Blake’s yard to get a look at the famous couple. They were doing amazing balancing acts to see over the tall privacy fence. She found Lein with his friends and Ronnie out by the specially set up gazebo that would serve as the altar.

Lein fidgeted around nervously, laughed too loud, and glanced around the area with flickering eyes. Although he was as nervous as a schoolboy on his first date, he looked excellent. He wore black leather pants, a white silk shirt, and a black string tie with a black onyx clasp. Debi wondered if Lein knew Perion wore a black onyx comb in her hair. They were nearly twins they were so much alike. Lein noticed Debi, as did Ronnie. She went up to Ronnie and put her arm around him.

“You look excellent in black,” Ronnie told Debi, kissing her.

“Thanks, doll. Perion sent me to scope you out, Lein.”

He smiled a little. “I was just about to send Ronnie up to scope her out. She changed her mind yet? Has she climbed out the window for parts unknown?”

Debi laughed. “No, don’t be silly. She ain’t going to bail out on you. And, by the way, she looks great.”

He kept his smile. “I knew she would, she always does.”

“Well, I’ll go back and tell Peri you look drop dead gorgeous,” she said smiling.

Lein laughed. “‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ has sweaty palms.”

“Stop worrying, you’re the best thing to ever happen to Peri. She’ll testify to that.”

With that, Debi gave Ronnie a quick peck on the cheek and walked away.

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