The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 27

Perion stood in the kitchen waiting for the ceremony to begin. She could see Lein from where she stood, but he couldn’t see her. It didn’t matter; she simply wanted to revel in what he looked like and how deeply she felt about him. Debi had been correct; he was drop dead gorgeous, no doubt. He stood with his back facing where she stood, his hands joined in front of him. Ronnie stood by as Best Man in about the same position. But Perion had just glimpsed at Ronnie, her eyes were riveted on Lein, her soon-to-be husband. Her heart pumped rapidly, she had never wanted anything as badly as she wanted him.

Perion’s favorite power ballad [by Hard Axe, of course] began to play. It was the cue to begin her little march out of the kitchen. Syndi went first, followed by Randi.

Debi then turned to Perion and said, “Take a breath, my friend, you’re about to do your march.” Debi then left the kitchen.

When Perion stepped out, Lein turned around to look at her, as did the others in attendance. He gazed intensely at her as she approached, then he felt a small smile forming on his lips. He had never seen her look so gorgeous, so wonderfully beautiful. He couldn’t help but think back to the time when he knew her, but didn’t have her. It really hadn’t been that long ago. He had never thought then that he would be standing there that day, getting ready to marry her, to make her his wife. Walking toward him was the woman he would have sacrificed anything to have. She finally made it to him, and he had to kiss her, he didn’t care about the ceremony beginning first. When he kissed her, it felt as if they were the only two people in the whole world.

“Hey, cut it out, you’re not even married yet,” Randi declared.

Everyone broke up, including Lein and Perion. He took her hand and never took his eyes off her. The judge whom had been asked to conduct the ceremony cleared her throat and began. Neither of them could really hear what was being said. They were too busy looking at each other. They wouldn’t have heard the ring exchange part of the ceremony if Ronnie hadn’t tapped Lein on the shoulder. Both of them came around at that time. Once they exchanged their rings and their own vows, there was nothing left to do except kiss each other for the first time as a married couple. And they did for so long a time that the wedding guests wondered if they’d ever come up for air.

With the main ceremony over, Perion pulled away from her new husband and gathered up the members of her band. Bitter Wynter performed several songs that day, surprising everyone. Perion sang directly to Lein, for him, and about him in some cases. It would always serve as a memorable event for them both. Later, at nightfall, Lein and Perion left the wedding party for their one night honeymoon. Passion rose high between them. They nearly made love in the back of the limousine before arriving at their designated hotel. Once they were inside their honeymoon suite, they stripped and made love furiously, hungrily. With them finally together in such a permanent manner, they felt that nothing could possibly come between them ever again.

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