The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 3

Lein found Debi right away. She looked as if somebody had beaten the piss out of her. Her pretty, serene face was covered with purplish-colored bruises. She paced back and forth, and looked very apprehensive. He approached her and held her for a long time. She cried hysterically for so long, Lein became worried. She got herself under control after a bit, and dried up, pulling away from him.

“Have you seen Perion yet,” he asked her.

She shook her head. “They-they wouldn’t let me see her. I’m not immediate family,” she said bitterly. “I sent her mom an airline ticket.”

“Let me go to her first, then we’ll get you in, okay?”

She nodded. “Okay, they’ll tell you at the front where to find her.”

Lein was told where Perion’s room was located and he went to find her. When he walked into the room, it was dark inside, but he could see his wife plainly. She lay on her back, unconscious, as Debi had said. Her cheek had a white bandage covering the slash. When he’d stopped to get directions to her room, Perion’s assigned doctor had told him that it had taken many stitches to close the facial wound, and it would definitely leave a scar. He was also told that she had been no more than four weeks pregnant at the time of the miscarriage, and that her unconsciousness was due to shock more than any other injury she had.

He went around to the side of the bed and sat down in a chair. Taking her hand in his, he brought it to his lips and kissed it. He began to wonder how she would get through this tragedy. Half of her band was gone, as was most of the crew. What would happen to his wife? Would she ever be normal again? Would she ever get through it? He didn’t know, but he was so grateful she was alive. He felt tears streaking his face. He placed her warm, limp hand onto his cheek and cried. He cried for her and the pain she’d feel. He cried for the baby they had wanted so badly, but could no longer have. He cried for her dead friends, whom had become his friends as well.

During the time Perion was unconscious, many people came in, but she never knew it. She never came around to acknowledge them. Debi and Marilinn were there constantly, and the surviving non-hospitalized members of the crew came for a brief visit as well. Lein never left her bedside, or her room. He didn’t think he could, even if he’d wanted to. Debi and/or Marilinn usually brought him food or drink, but he usually didn’t touch anything. He didn’t want food or drink, all he wanted was his wife to wake up and simply look at him, which would offer more nourishment than any food he could ever consume.

For a couple of days, he watched her unmoving slumber. At one point during those days, she began to thrash her head from side to side, and moaned helplessly. Her brow became quite sweat covered, and she mumbled something he couldn’t understand. Just when Lein was at the door to call in a nurse, Perion jarred herself awake.

Her eyes focused on Lein after a few moments, she thought she was dreaming. “Lein, is it really you,” she croaked out, her throat extremely dry. There were tears forming in her eyes, she thought she’d never see him again.

“Yeah, babe, it’s me,” he told her, sitting down and taking her hand again. He felt close to tears himself.

Her welled-up tears began sliding down her cheeks. “They’re really gone, aren’t they,” she nearly whispered. She hoped she had dreamed the whole thing. She didn’t want, nor could she, deal with such brutal reality.

Instead of Lein telling her it was only a cruel hallucination, he nodded and whispered, “Yeah, they’re gone.”

The look of total dismay and grief on her face overwhelmed him, he desperately wanted to make it all go away, but knew he could not.

“Syndi and Randi...the crew,” she whispered to herself in utter astonishment. Then she remembered another loss. “I...I...oh my God,” she spat out in tears. “I found out I was pregnant before this...this happened. the baby gone, too?”

Lein didn’t say a word, he didn’t have to. It was in his eyes, all over his face. Perion jerked her hand out of his and slammed her fist into his chest. The blow didn’t seem to faze him, in fact, he expected her to do something exactly like that. After she’d punched him, she began to furiously beat her fists into her bed, her own body, anywhere she thought would feel the anger and grief she felt. He tried, but failed, to hold her down. She could not be held down, neither could her grief. Lein held her the best he could, and buzzed for help. Perion was subsequently sedated.

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