The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 6

Lein, Ronnie, Marilinn, and Debi returned to the hospital after a couple of hours. The four of them went directly to Perion’s room to see if the sedative had worn off. Lein was the first inside and he noticed the empty bed right away. The next thing he noticed was his torn open bag. The gown Perion had worn was in a small pile on the floor. He walked to it and bent down to pick it up. There were a few streaks of blood on it.

“Lein? Where is she,” Debi asked.

“She’s gone,” he said in a scary, dead voice. Without hesitation, Lein ran out into the hall to the front desk. “My wife is gone,” he nearly shouted.

“Gone,” the nurse questioned, astonished. “What do you mean gone? She was sedated, she should still be asleep.”

“Well, she isn’t,” Marilinn said.

“Damn straight, she isn’t. Did you see her leaving that room at any time,” Lein demanded.

“I didn’t. I have other duties, Mr. Blake, but her nurse should have checked on her thirty minutes ago. I’m sure she isn’t gone.”

“And I’m sure I’m not blind, goddamn it,” Lein yelled. “She’s not in there! She took the I.V. out and fucking split! There’s blood all over that fucking hospital gown!”

“Mr. Blake, you don’t have to take that tone or use that kind of language,” she chastised.

“Fuck what I don’t have to take,” he shouted petulantly, “if we don’t find her, you’re going to have hell to pay.”

“Lee, calm down, man. We’ll find her,” Ronnie said, “she couldn’t have gone far.”

Lein eyed the nurse hatefully. “I hope not, because if she has, I’m coming after your ass,” he told her angrily.

Perion, of course, did not turn up anywhere in the hospital.

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