The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 8

The police conducted their own search of the area. Lein, Debi, Marilinn, and Ronnie piled into a rental car Ronnie had gotten and conducted a search of their own. They kept to the main road leading away from town, while the police focused their search around the immediate area surrounding the hospital. Lein’s search group found Perion not long after they had gotten out of the Cyprus city limits. Lein was out of the car first, and he bolted to the form of his wife curled into a fetal position.

He touched her, hoping for a response. The only response she gave him was a hard shiver. “Babe? Babe, are you okay, can you hear me,” he asked softly.

Obviously in shock and freezing to death, she didn’t respond. Ronnie, Debi, and Marilinn came up as Lein took off his jacket and covered her with it.

“Lee, is she okay,” Debi asked in tears.

Lein didn’t look away from Perion. Crying silently, he shook his head. “I don’t know, I don’t think so.”

“There’s a cell phone in the car. I’ll call the cops and get an ambulance out here,” Ronnie said, then took off his own jacket and extended it toward Lein. “Here, bro, take this and put it over her, too. She needs it more than I do.”

Absently, Lein took the jacket and placed it on top of his own. Ronnie sprinted back to the car. “Hang on, babe, hang on. Everything will be okay,” Lein said over and over, not only to make her believe it, but to make himself believe it as well.

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