The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 9

Perion awoke a few days later. She noticed that she was in the same room as before, but some things had changed around her. Someone, possibly Lein, had hired a security guard for her, and he stood by the opened doorway of the room. She could just make out his jacket sleeve with a partial word, Beni-, visible. She supposed ‘Beni-’ was part of the name of the company he worked for. When she tried to move, she also saw that her wrists and waist were restrained to the bed. Restraints, she thought, what the hell are they trying to do to me? Was she that much of a danger to herself?

Lein was in the room with her, but his head was turned toward the window, from which he stared blankly. He looked as if he’d cleaned up, but he seemed very distant. There were tons of artificial flowers, cards, stuffed animals, plants, and roses decorating the room that she had not seen before. There was also a cot in the corner of the room that had not been there before either. She supposed Lein had been sleeping there.

“Get me...” she croaked out, “get me out of this mess.”

Lein jumped a little, as if he’d been goosed. He turned his head back toward her for a brief glance. He acted as if he’d had an auditory hallucination, and was making sure he’d actually heard something before he reacted. When he was positive she was actually responsive, he approached the bedside and removed the restraints from her wrists and waist. The moment she was free to sit up, she went into his embrace willingly and yieldingly. He kissed her hair, forehead, face, and even kissed the bandage on her injured cheek. She began to cry, and he kissed her tears away, then kissed her mouth, where her tears mingled with their kiss. When they broke their gentle kiss, he cradled her into his arms and rocked her as she cried.

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