The Bitter Side of Wynter

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Chapter 17

The next morning, Lein awoke before Perion. He glanced over at his wife and noticed that she was still sleeping deeply. He placed a gentle kiss on her lips before he left the bed. Perion opened her eyes as soon as Lein had closed the bathroom door behind him. As soon as she heard the shower running, she slipped out of bed. She found her discarded jeans and began to frantically search the pockets. After a few panicked moments, she found what she was looking for.

At about the same time, Lein opened the bathroom door and silently stood in the open doorway. He had come out of the bathroom just in time to watch Perion snort her first line of the new day. She knew she was caught. Perion turned around slowly. Lein was staring at her angrily. Hurt literally radiated from his body. She had used and manipulated him, and it was obvious that he was devastated.

Shamed, she dropped the vial. The cocaine spilled out on the floor. “Lein, I…” she began.

He held up his hand. “You what,” he spat in anger. “You can explain? Is that the bullshit you were about to sling my way?”

“I’m sorry,” she said weakly.

“No Perion, I’m the one who’s sorry, because this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I want you to leave.”

She didn’t cry, didn’t protest. She simply dressed herself as quickly as she could. She left him standing without saying a word. After she was gone, Lein drove his clenched fist through the wall.

Later, Lein’s hand swelled up and became useless. He called Ronnie to take him to the emergency room. He hadn’t broken it, but managed to bruise it quite badly. On the way back to Lein’s, Ronnie tried to talk to his brother. Lein refused to discuss anything with Ronnie. He felt like shit and wished he had broken his hand. He deserved it.

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