In Holy Mafiamony

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(Book I) When two of America's most powerful Mafia Dons start having trouble with rival gangs (both at home and abroad), leaders Gian-Carlo Costello and Francesco DeConte, decide it’s in their best interest to join forces. However, uniting the cities of Chicago and New York into one major powerhouse won't come without the clause of a contracted marriage between their eldest children, Lincoln and Alaiyah. In this newly-forced couple's fight for power, fortune, and reputations will Lincoln Costello's ruthless and controlling persona break Alaiyah, or will Alaiyah DeConte's can-do, woman powered attitude get one (or both) of them hurt?

Romance / Action
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- This book has mature themes that may not be suited for some readers. It is labeled as 18+.

-This story contains strong language, violence, and sexual material that may not be suited for some readers.

- Some material in this book may TRIGGER some reads.

Read at your own risk and read responsibly.

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