Alpha Mate

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Chapter Nine

Sadie POV:

Alex took me to a small cafe after our encounter with Emily, to take my mind off of her. We talked about the smallest, silliest things, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

After a while, Alex walked me home and low and behold, my aunt Helen's car was parked in my driveway. Emily must have blabbed to mommy and daddy.

When Alex and I walked in Emily sat crying next to her mother. Is this bitch serious?

My parents looked at me with a serious expression on their faces.

"Sadie, I want the truth. Did you threaten your cousin?" He asked calmly. "Yes, sir. I did." I said truthfully. "Why?" My mother asked.

"Who cares why? She threatened my baby and should be punished!" Helen yelled. Growls erupted around the room and that's when I noticed that Sam and Ellie had walked in. Everyone around me growled at Helen and Emily, their wolves taking over.

Alex lets go of me and stalks over to my aunt, cornering her against the wall. "Listen to me, you naive woman. You don't EVER raise your voice to my mate or her family. You know nothing about what happened. You weren't there! Sadie told me what happened." Before Alex continued he was interrupted. "She lied!" Emily yelled. Alex turned to her and growled, shaking the entire house.

Turning back to my aunt he puts his hand loosely around her throat. Your daughter provoked Sadie. Trying to convince her that I was a cheater, tried turning her against me. You don't come into my mate's home, disrespect her AND her family. Your daughter does that enough as it is and all of this disrespect ends now." He says as he slightly tightens his grip.

I gently placed my hand on his shoulder and he relaxed, letting her go.

"Get out of here. Both of you." He told her. "No! She threatened my daughter and I won't stand for it!" She yelled. Another round of growls erupted. My wolf appeared and watched as the scene unfolded.

Alex's eyes widened. He was ready to snap. "Did you just disobey a direct order from your Alpha?" He asked calmly. "Alex this isn't fair!" Emily yelled.

I lost my control over my wolf and she grabbed Emily by the neck. "You want me to be punished?! Yell at my mate again and I will give you a reason for me to be punished! Is that understood?!" My wolf yelled. Emily's eyes started to tear up and her lip trembled. "Answer me!" My wolf yelled again. "Yes, Luna." She whimpered.

"I'm not going anywhere until this is resolved!" Helen yelled. My father then stepped in. "Get out of my house Helen! I don't care if you are my sister or not! You do not disrespect my daughter this way! From the way this is going, you're more likely not going to leave this house alive! Wolves respect their Alpha and Luna! You will be no different!" He yelled then turned to Emily. "You! If you ever try to hurt my child again I will not hesitate to sit back and watch Alex rip your throat out!" He yelled and stormed upstairs.

"Mom please. Let's just go." Emily whimpered obviously afraid. Helen finally swallowing her pride, complied but not before sending a glare my way.

Alex walked up to me, his eyes back to his normal brown and kissed me. "Are you okay?" He asked softly. I smiled at him. "Yes. I'm perfect." I replied. He smiled and placed another kiss on my lips.

As we sat for dinner, my mother looked at me, bringing up a topic that has been bothering her. Me moving out. "So what is going to happen now that you found your mate?" She asked. I bit my lip, not knowing what to say. "Well..." Alex said before he looked at me. "If you would feel more comfortable, we could wait until you graduate." He said. "Really?" I asked him. He smiled. "Of course. You can come and spend the night with me and vice versa, if that's okay." He told told me. "I would love that!" I said excitedly. He smiled down at me adoringly before placing a small kiss on my cheek.

This man is so perfect, it's almost too good to be true. I don't have to leave my family home right away which I'm grateful for and my mate will stay here with me some nights. Well like he always did before he became Alpha. Except we'd share a bed now. Oh how the adrenaline ran through me just thinking about what we could get away with, without being caught.

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