Alpha Mate

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Chapter Eleven

Sadie POV:

I was so excited to see Alex today. I honestly didn't think I would be able to since he's been so busy, but I was also worried when he said we needed to talk.

I was in my bedroom, finishing up what little work I had to do for school the next day, when I smelled my mate's scent. I hopped out of bed and quickly walked downstairs to the living room where my wonderful mate sat on the couch, waiting for me.

He smiled and stood when he saw me which resulted me to jump into his arms. "I missed you so much." He whispered. "I missed you, too." I replied. When he kissed me, he showed me just how much he missed me. I loved him so much already and it had only been four days.

He let me down a few seconds later and looked at me. "What did you need to talk about?" I asked him. He became serious at that question which worried me. "We should wait for Sam." He replied. I only frowned and nodded.

"Wait for Sam for what?" We heard his voice from the door. "The rouge." Alex told him. I saw Sam tense and look at me. "Okay." He said as he lead Ellie to the love seat.

"What's going on?" I asked them. "We caught the rouge." Sam said stiffly. "Isn't that a good thing?" Ellie asked. "Yes, but what he told us is what bothers us." Alex said, placing his hand on my leg. My wolf was getting wrestlers and frankly so was I. "What did he say?" I asked slowly.

"When we interrigated the rouge, he told us why he'd been stalking the territory." Sam said. "Okay..." I urged them to continue.

"They've been watching you, Sadie." Alex told me, fighting his wolf. My heart started racing. "What? Why?" I asked. Alex could feel my panic and placed me on his lap hugging me.

"He's working for someone else. The man he works for is convinced that you're his mate." Sam continued. "What?! No! Why does he think that?" I asked jumped up from Alex's lap.

He turned me to face him and he looks up at me, placing his hands on my thighs. "Baby, calm down okay. They won't get to you, okay? I'm staying right here with you until we find whoever is doing this." He said. "You promise?" I asked weakly as tears filled my eyes. He stood and held my face in his hands before kissing me softly. "I promise." He whispered.

Alex POV:

I knew she would react this way. Which is why I didn't ask her to part from her family. It took hours to calm my poor mate down and it broke my heart.

After she had finally fallen asleep I went down to the kitchen to see John and Sam. "How is she?" John asked me. "She's sleeping." I replied and sat at the table running my fingers through my hair. "How are you Alex?" John asked me. "I've been better." I said and attempted a smile at him.

"She'll be okay, you know? She's a damn good fighter." Sam said causing me to laugh lightly. "Because I taught her everything she knows." I replied. "No you didn't!" Sam said and crossed his arms. I snorted and looked down trying to surpress a laugh at his childishness. Though I knew he was trying to make me feel better.

"She will be okay though, Alex. She has a lot of people at her side. And having her mate with her, she will feel safe as well." John told me. I smiled lightly at him. This is why I had always come over here. This family knew how to make me feel better.

"Baby?" I heard behind me. There stood my beautiful mate in one of my t shirts and a pair of pajama shorts. My eyes softened as I reached out to her. "Hey." I said softly and pulled her on my lap. "Are you okay, sweetheart?" I asked her.

Sadie POV:

The way Alex spoke to me, relaxed me. The tone of his voice every time he spoke to me always made me feel warm and protected.

Smiling softly at him, I kissed his cheek. "I'm fine, but you're not." I said pushing his hair from his face. "I could feel it. Are you alright?" I asked him. He smiled softly at me and just stared for a moment. "Yeah. I'm fine, baby." He replied before burying his face in my hair taking in my scent.

"Come to bed." I whispered softly in his ear before placing a light kiss on the back of his neck before he nodded.

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