Alpha Mate

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Chapter Twelve

Sadie POV:

When I woke up the next morning, Alex wasn't beside me. "Where is he?" My wolf whimpered. "I don't know." I replied to her. She was worried. After what I was told, so was I.

I hurried downstairs panicking, but when I caught the scent of Alex, I calmed.

I wrapped my arms around his neck when I saw him sitting across from Sam and Ellie, and kissed his cheek. Alex swiftly picked me up and sat me on his lap, smiling at me.

"We have chairs, you know?" My dad asked walking into the kitchen. Alex and I still tried to show my parents respect when it came to the whole intimacy thing.

I slowly got off of Alex's lap and sat in the chair next to him. "Sorry, daddy." I said as I looked down embarrassed. "That's better." He replied and kissed my mother.

"Hi sweetheart." My mother purred. "Hi." He replied and kissed her again. "That's so cute, I might hurl." Sam said.

"Shut up, Sam!" Everyone around the table yelled. "Jesus! Sorry!" He defended. "Be nice, Sammy." Ellie told him and kissed his cheek. He smiled down at her, adoration clear in his eyes.

I felt Alex swiftly kiss my mark while my parents looked away and I slapped my hand over my mouth to stay quiet. "Stop it." I said to him. "They didn't see anything." He said, laughing in my head. I sent glare up at him and all he did was wink. "You should save that anger for bed, baby." He said causing my eyes to widen.

"Okay kids, time for school." Mom said and I started to stand up but Alex stopped me.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked me causing me to frown. "I'm going to school." I replied. "No, not today, you're not." He said, irritating me slightly. "Why?" I asked. "In case you've forgotten, there are a pack of rouges after you, Sadie. You aren't going anywhere." He said sternly.

"I haven't forgotten, Alex! I can't just drop everything though! Please." I begged. "No, Sadie." He refused to budge. I then turned to Sam. "He's right." Is all he said. My hands balled into fists and I stormed to my room, locking the door.

Alex POV:

"Alex, honey isn't that a little much?" Laura asked me. I sighed and looked at her. "I'm sorry, Laura but the safest place for her is here." I told her, trying not to lose my patience with her. She didn't deserve to be scolded.

"Alex, you know how seriously she takes her grades." John said. I slammed my fist on the table, no longer able to control my temper. "No! She's staying here until this is finished! Understood?" I yelled at my mate's parents.

"Yes, Alpha." They said softly in unission. I closed my eyes calming myself. "I'm sorry. I just..." I started to think back to my parents. "I have to be with her." I said before walking upstairs.

When I reached Sadie's door, I softly knocked. "Come in." I heard her soft voice call out.

When I opened the door she was standing at her window. I slowly walked to her and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind.

"I just want you to be safe, baby. That's all." I said gently in her ear. I felt her start to calm down a bit and turned her to face me. "I can ask Lex to get your work for you." I continued. She gave me a small smile and nodded. "Okay." She said quietly. She was still upset. I could tell, but I know she complied for my sake.

"I love you." I whispered to her. To my surprise, she didn't hesitate to say it back. "I love you, too."

I kissed her hard and picked her up, carrying her to the bed. "We need to be quiet." I said to her through the link. She only bit her lip and nodded as I started to slowly strip her clothes from her.

As we spent this intimate moment together, we closed the links to everyone in the pack so we weren't disturbed.

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