Alpha Mate

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Chapter Fifteen

Sadie POV:

I was in the kitchen, when I heard the front door open and the wonderful scent of my mate surrounded me. When he looked at me, I couldn't help but run into his arms. "I'm so sorry." I whispered. He slowly wrapped his arms around my waist. "It's okay, baby." He replied before kissing me hard.

Alex and I went upstairs to my bedroom for some privacy. "Why didn't you trust me, baby?" He asked me as he ran his thumb across the top of my hand. "My anger and doubt clouded my judgement. I'm sorry." I said weakly as I looked down. "Look at me." He whispered as he took my face in his hands. "I love you. I will always love you. Please don't ever doubt that. I would never do anything to hurt you." He said gently. "I love you, too." I whispered.

The next day at school, Lex ran up to Ellie and I. "Hey birthday girl." I said and hugged her. "My mate is here! I smell him everywhere, I just can't find him." She rushed out. Ellie's eyes widened. "Really?" She asked. "You'll find him before the day is over. Don't worry." I told her, making her smile.

When we walked into the cafeteria a few hours later, Lex grabbed my arm, stopping me. Her eyes were glued to someone across the room. She rushed over, with me quickly following.

When Jude came into view he looked our way and froze. "Mate." They whispered. "Oh my God." Ellie said from behind me.

Jude stood and walked toward Lex, slowly. "You?" Lex asked. He smiled down at her as he rested his hand on her cheek. "Wow." Was all he said.

I had a blank look on my face. It just had to be Jude. Yay, now he can come around more often.... Woohoo....

"Hi, Jude." A random girl walked up and kissed him. I then saw Lex run out of the cafeteria from the corner of my eye. "Lex!" Jude yelled and went after her.

I looked back to the girl. "What the hell is wrong with you? Was it not obvious that he just found his mate!" I yelled at her. "L-luna, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have-" "Get out of here." The girl only bowed slightly and walked away.

Ellie and I walked out to see Jude trying to calm Lex.

"Lex, please. I didn't know she would come up to me like that. Please, don't leave me. I just got you." He said genuinely. What? "Jude begging a girl for forgiveness. That's new." I covered my mouth to stiffle a laugh.

She looked up at Jude and stared at him for a moment before wrapping her arms around his neck. "Please, don't sleep around with everyone anymore." She whispered. "I'm all yours, baby." He replied.

"We should go." Ellie whispered. I nodded on agreement and turned back to the cafeteria.

"I never expected that." Ellie told me as we sat down. "Tell me about it." I replied. A moment later, Lex walked back in with Jude glued to her hip.

"Can Jude sit with us?" Lex asked when she reached the table. I gave her a small fake smile. "Sure." I told her. I've come to find myself enjoying being Luna. My wolf was much stronger now and I had a lot more confidence in myself.

We could all tell he was uncomfortable when he sat down, but Lex took care of that very easily. He smiled at her and that is when we were completely ignored by Lex. She was so happy though. Ellie and I peaked at them once in a while as we talked.

They would randomly smile at each other, all the while not taking their eyes off each other. Sometimes he would place a small kiss on her lips, making her blush.

I looked behind me and saw all the she-wolves glaring at her. I narrowed my eyes. "Is there a problem here ladies?" I asked them and they instinctively looked away.

"I miss Alex." I told Ellie. She nodded sadly. "I miss Sammy, too. Looking at them makes me a little jealous." She said laughing quietly.

Something felt off while Lex, Ellie, and I were walking home. The closer i got to the house, I started to smell something. It only got stronger. Rouges.

"Run." I said frantically. My vision, smell, and hearing amplified when Alex and I mated so I spotted the rouges quickly. "What?" Lex asked. "Rouges." I said faced them. "Go!" I ordered.

When they were out of reach, I turned to the three rouges and shifted, letting my wolf take over. Let's see what they can do.

"Ready?" My wolf asked. "Absolutely." I replied before snarling at the rouges as they approached.

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