Alpha Mate

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Chapter Seventeen

Sadie POV:

The next morning, Alex lead me to the pack cells, where the rouge was kept. When he saw me, his eyes lit up. This must be the one that thought I was his mate.

"Sadie?" He asked, standing up slowly. I could tell he was trying to show me he wasn't a threat to me. This man really thought I was his mate.

"What do you want?" I asked him. He frowned in control. "Don't you know? You're my mate." He said causing Alex to jerk me to him, holding me tight. "MINE!" He snarled. I ran my hand down his cheek, calming him before turning back to the rouge.

"I have my mate. What makes you think your mine? I don't feel the same emotions and pull to you, nor do I feel the bond." I said calmly. His face fell at those words.

"But... You have to be." He said, sadly. "Let me ask you, do you smell a scent so strong that you can't help but getting closer to it when you're around me?" I asked. "No..." He said reluctantly. "Does your wolf call out to me?" I asked. He looked down and shook his head. "We aren't mates. I'm sorry, but we aren't." I said a bit softer.

His eyes filled with anger. "No! You are my mate and I will have you!" He screamed and charged at the bars only for his skin to sizzle from the silver.

"Get back, mutt!" Alex screamed and pulled me to him again. "No!" The rouge yelled again. "Go back upstairs, sweetheart. I'll be there in a minute." Alex said before releasing me.

Alex POV:

When Sadie was out of eye sight, I turned back to the rouge. "She's beautiful." He said as stared longing after my mate. I smacked the silver bars, making my hand sting. "Hey!" I yelled making him snap his head back to me. "Don't look at her." I said harshly. "She's my mate! I'll look at her all I want to!"

I was sick of him trying to claim what is mine. I'd had enough.

"SHE'S NO YOUR MATE!" I screamed at him. I'm sure Sadie could feel my fury with this bastard.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned slightly. "I've got this, Alpha. Right now the best thing for you is to be with your mate." Sam said, trying not to upset me. I nodded slightly and headed upstairs.

When I was close to the top, I heard the cell door open and close, then a loud yelp of pain.

I saw Sadie, talking with the cook, Lynda. She was so kind to everyone in the pack and they all loved her.

"Oh, hello, Alpha." Lynda said with a smile, making me smile back at her. "Hi, Lynda. You're not trying to steal my mate are you?" I asked her. "Well, can you blame me?" She asked and winked at me. I laughed and hugged her. "I hope you've got some grub getting ready. I'm starving." I replied and walked over to Sadie.

She instantly responded to my touch, calming my wolf from earlier. "Mine." I whispered into her hair. She turned my face to look at her and pressed a light kiss on my lips. "Yours." She whispered back, making my wolf purr.

I can't begin to understand how I ended up with her as a mate. She's caring to everyone in her pack, protected them without question, and has always treated everyone fairly. She's an amazing Luna and an even more amazing mate. I love her more than I thought possible.

My life had gotten so much better since this beautiful woman accepted me. I was happy, no longer staying awake at night filled with my own guilt and anguish. She gave me something I never thought I would have.

She must have heard my thoughts because a bright smile came across her face and she hugged me, tight.

"Since the threat has been taken care of, would you like to go out? We can invite Ellie, Sam, Lex and her mate. What was his name again?" I asked her. She giggled lightly before answering. "Jude." She replied. "Sound like a plan?" I asked her. She smiled before nodding. "Sounds great." She said.

I knew she missed spending time with her friends and now that the rouge after her is locked in the cells, I feel a little better about her going out. I just don't feel comfortable enough to leave her alone yet, because something in me told me this wouldn't be the end of it.

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