Alpha Mate

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Chapter Eighteen

Alex POV:

It's been over a week since we caught the rouge. I didn't even care enough to get the mutt's name. Every time I went to question him, he would taunt me and demand to see Sadie. I came close to killing him at one point when he started telling me all the things he wanted to do to her. I would have if David hadn't come in to stop me. As much as I wanted to kill him, we still needed answers from him.

It's late and I'm exhausted. We've had so much shit happening in the pack, I've been in my office trying to get it all taken care of. Sadie had already been in bed when I got back so I didn't get to spend any time with her. I haven't even gotten to talk to her in a day and half. It was killing me.

Being a Luna on top of a student, she's been busy as well. She's started helping me train my warriors which is a huge load off of me. She's a damn good fighter and an amazing teacher. She pushes the wolves to their limit some days, but it's only because the threat has been so high. A rival pack has declared war for the death of one of their own on my land which wasn't our fault.

After she held her own against the wolves, I have no doubt she can hold her own this time as well. I knew she was brave, but when I saw her jump to attack the thing she is most afraid of without hesitation, I knew we could count on her.

After a few more excrusiating hours of work there was a small knock on the door. "Come in." I called out. A girl I hadn't spoken to in Goddess knows how long walked in.

"Liza? What are you doing here?" I asked confused. She bit her lip lightly and I knew where it was going.

Liza was the first girl I had ever been with. I used to be in love with her, but she was unfaithful. I caught her one night David's younger brother and ended it imidiately.

"I've been thinking about you, Alex." She said. Not this again. I just got rid of one slut now here comes another?

"Liza, you know I have a mate and you know how I feel about her." I said. "Don't you love me anymore?" She asked. I sighed standing up. "Liza, I moved on years ago, okay? Now I have my mate. One girl tried to ruin it. Please, leave it alone." I told her. "Alex, please. I made a mistake." She said.

I'll give her one thing, she hasn't touched me since she walked in, nor has she tried.

"Please leave, Liza." I told her. Her eyes started to tear up, but she complied. "Yes, Alpha." She whispered before leaving.

I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. I know the poor girl still has feelings for me. Even though she made small advances she never tried to make a real move. She'll understand once she finds her mate.

"Hello, Luna." I heard her say with her voice cracking slightly. "Liza, are you okay?" I heard through the door. "Yes, Luna. I'm fine. I think Alex is in his office. I saw him walk in a couple of hours ago." Thank you Liza.

Sadie POV:

"Liza, are you sure you're okay?" I asked her. She only nodded sadly and walked away.

When I walked in, Alex gave me a smile. "Hi, beautiful." He said and kissed me. "What's up with Liza?" I asked him, worridely. She was a sweet girl and I didn't like seeing her that way.

Alex sighed and sat down. "She came in the office just before you got here. I should tell you something about her. The two of us have somewhat of a history." He said. I began to panic slightly. Is it Emily all over again? "She was my first girlfriend. I was in love with her but she had been cheating on me for months with David's brother." He continued. I was getting more and more worried about where this was going.

"She came in here, told me she missed me and still loved me. She never made a move to touch me, or over react. She simply told me how she felt. When I told her I was devoted to you, she backed off." He finally finished.

I'm upset with this news but I respect her for the way she handled it.

"I'm not mad, Alex." I told him. He looked at me surprised. "You're not?" He asked. "I'm upset, sure but I know you love me and I'm glad that Liza respected your decision." I told him. "She really is a nice girl, baby. She knows her place and I really don't think she will try it again." He said. "I know."

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