Alpha Mate

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Chapter Nineteen

Sadie POV:

After my visit with Alex, I went outside on the training field to find Liza. When she spotted me walking toward her, her face turned to one of panic.

"L-luna, what can I do for you?" She asked. "Walk with me." Was all I said before having her follow me off the field.

"I know what happened, Liza." I told her. She jumped in front of me, her eyes wide. "Luna, I'm so sorry. Please, forgive me. I know I overstepped my bounds but when Alex told me he-" "Liza.." I tried to calm her. "I left! I swear." She continued to babble. "Liza!" I yelled making her cover her mouth. "I'm not mad." I told her. "You're not?" She asked. "I mean, I was upset at first but Alex told me what happened. You knew better but you backed away." I said. "So you won't punish me?" She asked. I frowned, confused. "Why would I do that?" I asked. "Because of what happened with Emily." I laughed at her comment. "Emily had no shame. She didn't care about Alex, only his body." I told her.

I slung my arm over her shoulder and we walked again. "Tell me.. What made you decide to talk to Alex today?" I asked her. "I've always been really lonely. Alex was there for me though. I never felt alone when I had him. I messed everything up and I regret it to this day. I still love him, but I try to keep my distance because he has you and loves you. My wolf loves him too and the emotions she felt were overwhelming and I just had to try. But I knew better than to push." She said looking down, ashamed.

She wiped her eyes, now crying. "Please forgive me, Luna." She begged. "I do." I simply say. "I'm 20 years old and I still haven't found my mate. He's obviously not here and I've never been off of pack territory. So I don't know if I will ever find him. I may never get over Alex if I stay here." She told me. "Are you saying you want to leave?" I asked. She nodded and I sighed. "Let's go talk to Alex. He has final say, okay?" I told her. "Thank you." She replied.

"I'm so embarrassed." Liza said as we walked into the pack house. "Don't be. You have no idea how many jokes Emily was the butt of." I said laughing.

I heard talking on the other side of his office door. He's in a meeting. "We should wait until he's finished. You hungry?" I asked. She smiled weakly at me and nodded.

Alex POV:

After my meeting with David and Sam I opened my office door and smelled the intoxicating wild honeysuckle smell. When I jogged downstairs I found it came from the kitchen.

I didn't expect to see what I saw when I got down there. There sat with Sadie and Lynda, was Liza. They were laughing?

"Hey." I said and kissed Sadie, noticing Liza looked away. Sadie smiled at me. "Just the man I came to see." She replied. I smiled widely at her. "I'm glad you did."

"Alpha, I spoke to Sadie about what happened earlier. She brought me here so I could ask permission off the pack grounds." She said. "You want to leave? Why?" I asked.

She hesitated a moment before answering. "My mate obviously isn't here and I've never been off the territory. I know if I don't, I will never find him." She said sadly. I smiled softly at her. "Of course. You are welcome here any time though, Liza." I replied making her smile brightly. "Thank you so much, Alex." She said.

"You truly are amazing." I said to Sadie after Liza had left. "I wouldn't go that far." She replied with a small giggle. I smiled down at her, admiring her beautiful face.

"I have to admit, when I saw you down here with Liza, it surprised me." He said. "My wolf hates her. But I get that she's in love with you. I know she cares about you because she respected your decision. And I don't hate her for that. Can't help who you fall in love with." Wow. This woman is just too perfect. "But.. I will take her ass down if she does try something." She said laughing lightly. "I love you so much." I said beaming at her. "I love you, too."

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