Alpha Mate

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Chapter Twenty

Alex POV:

I was in my office with Sadie, topless sitting on my desk as we were in a heated make out session. We hadn't had any fun in days due to being so wrapped up in work.

"Alpha!" Sam yelled as he burst through the door, ignoring the fact his sister was about to fuck the Alpha on his desk.

"What?!" I yelled very aggravated. "The rouge is gone!" Sam said frantically. "Get a search party, now!" I yelled and turned to Sadie. "Stay here." I said before rushing out the door.

God damn it! How could I be so fucking stupid? My mate's life is in danger once again because of my carelessness.

"How the hell did he get out?!" I yelled at Sam. "I walked to the cells to interogated him and I found one of the guards dead. Somehow the rouge got ahold of the keys." He replied."Fuck!" I screamed. "I'm sorry, Alpha." Sam said softly but ignored him and continued checking the scene.

Sadie POV:

Alex had one of his guards escort me home after a few hours of searching.

"Are you okay, Luna?" My guard, Cole asked me. "I'll be fine, Cole. Don't worry." I replied, not believing my own words.

I waited for hours for Alex but he never showed. "Is he okay?" My wolf whimpered. "I hope so." I replied. "I'm scared, Sadie." I was surprised because she has never been afraid of anything. "Me, too."

The next morning, there were no signs that Alex had been there at all. "He still hasn't shown? Where is he?" I heard my wolf. "I don't know." I replied.

"Alex?" I reached out but there was no answer. He was blocking me? Why? "What's going on, Sadie?" My wolf asked. "You know just as much as I do." I told her.

I went downstairs to see Sam sitting on the couch, with his head in his hands. "Sammy?" I asked and his head shot up. "What's going on? Why is Alex blocking me?" I asked him. "Sadie.. I can't tell you everything right now. Alpha's orders." He said. "Sam, I don't want to pull the Luna card on my brother but I will if you don't tell me what the hell is going on. Where's my mate?" I asked him, standing my ground. "I can't tell you." He repeated. "Why?" I asked him. "I just can't!" He yelled at me. "Ok look for him myself then!" I said before heading to the door.

As soon has my hand touched the door knob I was yanked back. "I was ordered! Not even a Luna has authority over and Alpha! You are staying right here, Sadie! Throw a fit all you want. Now sit down!" Sam yelled in my face.

I stormed back to my room and slammed the door. I threw myself on the bed, let my frustration come out and sobbed. "Alex, please answer me." I said but there was still silence on the other end.

"What if he doesn't love us anymore? He's blocking us out and doesn't want us to know where he is." My wolf said. That sent my thoughts into another frenzy. "Please stop." I whispered to her, not wanting to hear anymore.

I was like a zombie most of the day. I was irritable and depressed. I was actually scaring my family with my outbursts.

"Sadie.." I heard Sam. All I did was turn and growl loudly at him. It wasn't his fault but I needed my mate. I missed him and I was worried sick.

I stayed in my bedroom for a duration on the time, Ellie and Lex linking me once in a while to check in. I was too depressed to think of anything other than Alex and if he was okay.

There was a sudden pain in my head and I dropped to the floor, screaming from how bad it was.

My mother ran into my room and crouched down beside me. "What happened?" She asked. "Something's wrong. Alex is hurt! I can feel it! Mom i have to find him!" I said frantically. "But Sam said.." My eyes started to glow. "Fuck what Sam said! My mate is hurt and he needs me!" I yelled before charging out the door and shifting.

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