Alpha Mate

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Chapter Twenty Two

Alex POV:

I could feel my wolf slowly begin to give up hope. He's talks to me as much as he can't which isn't often. I need to find a way out. I've been beaten so badly it hurt to move, and the blood loss is making me dizzy. I can't let my mate down.

The door opened for the second time in just a few hours. A man I've never met before, quickly walks in holding a key ring.

He walks over to me and grabs my wrist, unlocking the chain. "What are you doing?" I asked weakly. "I'm getting you the hell out of here." He replied. "Why?" I asked. He didn't answer, only throwing my arm around his neck and helping me stand. I winced loudly at the movement. I hadn't used my legs in weeks.

Once the rouge got us far enough from the building he turned to me. "Get out of here. Run as fast as you can." He told me. "Why are you helping me?" I asked him. "Just go! You don't have much time!" He said before running back inside.

My wolf mustered up enough energy to shift. "We have to run." I told him. "I don't know if I can, Alex." He replied. "We have to! Sadie is dying. Please." I begged.

He finally slowly started to walk, trying to gain the energy to go faster.

Once he finally got to a running pace, he ran. He ran for miles.

When I got close to the pack territory, he forced me to shift. I held onto the trees surounding me me for support before finally falling to my knees, hoping they would find me and blacking out.

Sadie POV:

I sat in the living room, finally crying for the first time in almost two weeks, while Lex and Ellie both held onto me as tight as they could.

The door burst open, making us all shoot up in surprise.

"Luna!" Our gamma, David shouted. "What's happening, David?" I asked frantically. "We found the Alpha! He was a few yards out of the territory when we found him. He's with the pack doctor." He said before we bolted out the door.

When we reached the pack house, I ran to the doctor's office. The sight that I saw had me sobbing.

There, my mate, lied, unconscious. He was covered in cuts and bruises and I could barely stand to look at him. His tattoos barely visible due to the dark bruises all over him.

I rushed to his side, brushing the hair away from his face. "Baby.. I'm so fucking sorry I didn't find you. It's all my fault. I love you so much, please don't leave me." I sobbed as I held his hand tight in mine.

"Luna?" Dr. Ward asked as he walked in. "Why isn't he healing?" I asked. "His open wounds were caused by silver knives. He was barely coherent when we got him in here. He's sedated right now. You being here will strengthen him and he will be able to heal." He said. I nodded at him and looked back to Alex. "I'm not going anywhere, baby. I'm right here." I whispered in his ear, hoping somewhere in there, he could hear me.

Alex POV:

I heard my mate's beautiful voice in my head but I couldn't reach out to her. Why the hell is it so dark? The last thing I remembered was my wolf forcing me to shift due to exhaustion. I needed to get back to her. I had so much to explain to her.

Trying to reach my wolf to wake up so I could get to her was almost impossible. "We have to get back to Sadie. Help me." I begged over and over but he didn't answer.

I began to hear her voice again.

"Alex, can you hear me?" She was linking me. "I hear you, baby. I'm trying. I miss you so much." I told her. After a few minutes, she spoke again. "Please. I need you to hear me." Wait... She couldn't hear me. I was too weak.

Sadie POV:

"Why hasn't he woken up, doc?" I asked him. "His wolf. He's too weak. Without him, Alex can't wake up." He said. "How long can that take?" I asked. "Days... Maybe weeks." My eyes filled with tears as I looked at my broken mate. Weeks?

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