Alpha Mate

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Chapter Twenty Three

Sadie POV:

I sat by Alex's sleeping form for two days, talking to him, hoping he would at least show a sign that he could hear me but nothing has happened. He hasn't moved.

His wounds have slowly started healing, his bruises much lighter than they were when he was found. The doctor said those were all good signs. Apparently his wolf was getting a little stronger but he still hasn't woken up. My world was upside down without Alex. I haven't heard his voice in two weeks and I missed it more than anything.

I had started sleeping again, just a couple of hours a night. My strength was being built back being next to my mate. "He's going to be okay." My wolf sounded so much more hopeful now. She knew he was going to wake up and she was excited.

"Luna?" I heard David's voice. "Yes, David?" I asked. "We caught the rouge and a few of his followers if you'd like to question them."

My anger bubbled up quickly and I let my wolf have control. My eyes began to glow bright as I stood.

"Let's go." My wolf replied. David walked me downstairs to the pack cells where four filthy rouges sat there, with smug looks on their faces.

"Something amusing, gentlemen?" My wolf asked. "How's your mate, Luna?" One of the followers asked. "I'm going to smack that smart ass out of your mouth if you don't keep it closed. Understood?" My wolf asked. The man just smirked at me. "I heard he's in rough shape, love." It was the leader's turn to speak.

I turned to him, growling loudly. "You." My wolf snapped. "Hello, mate." He said and smiled. "I'm not your mate! My real mate is lying in a hospital bed because of you!" She yelled before opening the cell, closing it behind her. "He can't be your mate! I love you!" He yelled back, pleading.

I growled again and slammed him against the cement wall. My wolf got closer and sniffed lightly. "You smell horrible, mutt. Alex smells so good. He feels even better." She said, taunting him. "Alex is not your mate." He said slowly. He was slammed against the wall again. "I should snap your neck." She threatened. He obviously wasn't afraid of her.

"Then do it." He said lowly. A minicing smile came across my face. "You'd love that, wouldn't you? You already know your going to die. Believe me, you will, but it will be on my terms, and I want you to suffer just for a little while." She said.

"Luna, we confiscated the silver knives they used on our Alpha." David said. I smirked at him and he smirked back. "Would you care to join me, David?" My wolf asked. "My pleasure, Luna." He said before handing me one of the silver blades.

Soon screams of pain filled the cells as I sliced and beat the rouge.

"You're going to give me answers." I said after a while. "I'm not telling you shit." The rouge said. Another howl of pain as I swiftly sliced his cheek open. I ripped the buttons of his flannel and pointed the knife to his chest. "Now, tell me what deal you made with Alpha Alex." I said. "Eat me." He said. "Oh, sweetie. Wrong answer." I said before slowly dragging the blade from the middle of his chest, slowly all the way down to his stomach. I found it scary how much I enjoyed hearing him cry and scream.

My arms and shirt were covered in blood. I heard David laugh as he tortured the rouge in the next cell.

"Let's try this again, shall we?" I asked before walking around in circles around him. "You threaten my pack, try to kill my friends and family, and the best part, you tortured my mate." I said before stopping in front of him. "Tell me why Alex came to you." He had to have. Why else would he forbid Sam from telling me anything?

The rouge was breathing heavily. "Please stop." He whispered. "Oh no, no, no. You kept my mate locked away for a good week and a half. Sweetheart, I'm just getting started." I said before wiping my hands on my pants. "I'm going to go check on Alex. I'll see you soon." I said before locking him back in his cell.

"Have fun, David!" I called out as I walked back upstairs. "As you wish, Luna!" I heard before another scream of pain.

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