Alpha Mate

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Chapter Twenty Five

Sadie POV:

My wolf was begging me to let her interrogate the disgusting rouge again so after I was sure Alex was sleeping for the night, I headed to the cells.

As I walked up to the bars of his cells, I began to roll up my sleeves. He backed into the corner and held his hands out. "I'll tell you anything you want. Please, I'm sorry." He begged.

I began to laugh in his face. "One day and you're already begging for mercy? This big bad rouge is begging?" I asked and stood. "Sorry, sweetheart. I can get answers from my mate now that he's awake. You're not going anywhere until I make sure he's had his fun with you."

I closed my eyes, giving my wolf control. When she looked back at the rouge his eyes widened.

"You're scared. You do understand this is how my mate was treated and how much fear he felt, yes?" She asked. He shakily nodded. "You also understand your punishment will be far more brutal, right?" She asked again.

"Please, don't. I'll leave. I'll leave you and your pack alone." My wolf laughed again. "Do you have any idea what this pack does to outsiders that harm our members?" She asked him. He simply shook his head.

"They die. And sweetheart, when you tortured one of the strongest and most respected alphas, you will suffer." She said before leaning down to his level. "And I'll be right here, watching you die." She said and stood quickly. "Hell, I might kill you myself!" She said a smile wide on her face.

Alex POV:

Laying here in this hospital bed alone was almost boring enough to put me to sleep. In my absence, Sadie has to take over for a while. That includes until I'm out of the hospital, which hopefully would be in a few days. She stays as long as she can but we were always interupted. Now I know how she must feel. It's very lonely.

My mate's smiling face appeared in the doorway instantly perking me up.

"Hey, beautiful." I said, making her blush. "Hi, how do you feel?" She asked, resting her head on my chest. "Better. I'm starting to heal faster." I replied. "Good." She whispered before placing a kiss on my neck. I growled softly when she did. "Don't do that." I whispered. "We'll continue when we're home, then." She whispered back before hopping off the bed.

"Where are you going?" I asked her. "Food. I'm hungry and I'm betting you are as well." She said before kissing my cheek quickly. "I'll be right back." She said, closing the door slightly behind her.

I haven't been able to touche Sadie in weeks and my wolf was going crazy with lust. Yet, I'm unable to leave this damn room. I was also dying to go for a run. I've been jittery since I got most of my strength back and my wolf needed some fresh air.

I also had a feeling that Sadie was hiding something from me. Earlier this afternoon, she came in with her knuckles bruised and scraped. She blew it off, saying she had a few slip ups at training. Did I believe her? No.

She's different. She's angry all the time. I feel her waves of anger and fury and they come more often than I'm comfortable with. She never used to get angry. Hell she rarely cried. My mate used to be so happy and full of laughter. Now? I haven't felt that in her at all since I've been back. I need to talk to Sam and David because I know Sadie won't tell me anything.

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