Alpha Mate

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Chapter Twenty Six

Alex POV:

A couple of days later, I got the okay from Dr. Ward that I could go back home. The condition being that I could only work from the office.

Sadie took care of training while I did slow workouts to rebuild the muscle I had lost. She was also taking care of me, even working out with me. It's easier on her now that I'm home. She wouldn't have to go far when she was needed and with me picking up a light load off her shoulders, she had more time to rest.

Sadie POV:

I walked up to Alex's office door and listened. It was silent so he must be alone.

I saw him staring out the office window when I walked in.

"Hey, handsome. Wanna go for a run?" I asked. His head snapped to mine and smiled. "Really?" He asked. Alex hadn't been on a run in so long and I know he was dying to let his wolf out. "Doc said if you don't push yourself too hard you can." I told him. "Okay." He said before grabbing my hand rushing me downstairs.

When we got to the border line of the woods, we stripped out clothes and shifted.

I looked over to Alex's black wolf to see him stretching wide, wagging his tail wildly. I walked over to him and gave his muzzle a slight nudge. My wolf purred at the contact of her mate.

Alex nuzzled his head into the crook of my wolf's neck, and her to his. They stayed this way for a time before I snapped at him ankle playfully before running off.

"Bet you can't catch me." I teased. "Bet I can." He replied laughing lightly.

He stumbled into me when I stopped suddenly. Something smelled very wonderful, making my stomach growl and my mouth to salivate.

A deer. Oh how fun this will be. This is just what Alex needs.

"Smell that?" I asked. "A deer." He said before we stalked toward the deer's scent. When we spotted it, it was looking for any sign of threat, so we crouched down and stayed put until it's guard was down.

Slowly, the deer's head leaned down to nibble on a patch of grass and that's when we made our move and pounced. Alex snapped the deer's neck quickly. Still got it.

We stayed for a while, eating on the dead animal, enjoying the light wind blow through our thick fur.

Alex POV:

It felt amazing being in my wolf form again. Getting the taste of a fresh kill always give a wolf energy. The deer was warm and fresh and my wolf loved it. I looked over to see my mate slowly savoring each bite. She was so content and frankly so was I.

"It's getting late, we've been out here for hours." I told her before her wolf gave a slight nod, licking her muzzle clean of the blood.

When we shifted and got our clothes back on, we headed to the pack house. As soon as we walked in the door, I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bedroom.

"I need you. Right now." I said before dropping her on the bed. Her eyes filled with lust and started to glow. Her wolf coming to the surface. This is going to bed fun. I let my wolf come forward. "Yes, Alpha." She whispered seductively and we frantically started to strip each other of our clothing.

The sounds of her moans drove my wolf crazy as he was slowly moving along with her body. "Faster." She whispered and I complied.

After collapsing on the bed, our wolves gave us back control. "Alex?" Sadie whispered. "Yes, my love?" I said softly, looking at her. "I want a pup." She said looking up at me.

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