Alpha Mate

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Chapter Two

Alex POV:

As Sam and I ran out the front door, we immediately shifted. My wolf was larger than normal, being an alpha, with thick black fur. Seeing as my eyes were brown, they glowed bright gold. Depending on the eye color of the person, the color of the wolf's eyes will match.

Sam, my beta and one of my closest friends, had blue eyes like his sister. They glowed a very bright blue. "Alpha!" My gama, David called through our mind link. "What is it?" I asked him. "The rouge Alpha! We lost him." David said frantically. "What the hell do you mean you lost him?" I screamed at him. I didn't wait for his reply, as I stuck my head to the ground trying to grasp the rouges sent, to no avail. We searched for hours before I told David and Sam to go home. Fuck!

Later that night most of my thoughts were on the rouge but once in a while, my mind drifted to Sadie's words. What if she was right? Just because my father lost my mother, didn't mean I would lose my mate, but I was too scared to even try. I couldn't. I couldn't let her get hurt the way my mother did.

Sadie POV:

I sat on my bed the morning after we got the news of the rouge crossing the border. According to Sam he disappeared before he and Alex could get to him. I'm not afraid of much but rouges are one of the few things I am afraid of. I grew up being told they are ruthless and care for no one, only causing chaos.

When I walked downstairs I saw my mother and father at the kitchen table, smiling at each other. I knew they were linking by the way they acted. I loved watching them dote on each other. They have been together for 25 years now and the love in their eyes for each other has never faded. I couldn't ask for better.

"Hey." I said smiling at them. They both turned and smiled brightly at me. I swear, the closer my birthday gets, the happier they are. I know my mother is more excited about my finding my mate, but me being a daddy's girl, he wasn't as excited. When I find my mate, it means leaving home to be with him. I just hope my mate is in my pack so I don't have to be far from Sam and them.

I saw a familiar look in my mother's eyes. "Mom, please no mate talk today okay?" I asked and laughed lightly before continuing. "I'll find him when I find him." She waved her hand dismissing what I said, as the words clearly went in one ear and out the other. Hearing my father sigh, I laughed again and sat across from them.

When we heard a knock at the door, like we do almost every damn morning, Sam rushed to open it. Ah.. Ellie, his mate.

Ellie smiled brightly at him when she saw him. "Hi baby!" She said happily and jumped into his arms. She called me the night before, worried sick about Sam. "Hey sweetheart." He replied and kissed her. As he wrapped his arm right around her shoulders, she walked inside and smiled at all of us. "Sadie, thank you for listen to me whine like a baby last night." She said a bit embarrassed. I smiled and hugged her. "You're my friend Ellie. No thanks needed." I replied.

When I got to school, Jude, the biggest player and 'hottest guy' in school walked up to me. I wasn't popular by any means, but the guy would fuck any woman that he found remotely attractive. I sighed as he smiled at me. Sigh. Here we go.

"Hey beautiful." He said and leaned on the locker next to mine. "Go away, Jude." I told him. "Aw, don't be like that baby." He replied. "Stop calling me that! I told you!" I yelled and got in his face. "I. Don't. Fucking. Want you!" I said and pushed past him.

Ellie walked up to me and whistled. "Damn, look at you being a bad bitch!" She said and smiled at me. I could help but smile back. "I have a mate and I'm sure as hell not risking losing him before I get him for that man whore." I replied. "Your mate is a damn lucky man." She told me and linked her arm through mine as we walked to class.

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