Alpha Mate

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Chapter Twenty Nine

Sadie POV:

Alex had me in the car and on the way to the doctor in no time. I had called my parents, Sam, and Lex before I went to the delivery room.

Now here I am, panting and crying from the pain. I've been in labor for six hours now. I'm still nowhere near ready to push.

"You're okay, baby. I'm right here." Alex said soothingly as he rubs his thumb over my hand. "I'm tired Alex." I whispered and closed my eyes as the wave on pain stopped. "I know, baby. It won't last forever." He said before kissing my forehead.

After four more hours of this, Dr. Ward told me it was time to push.

Each contraction came sooner and sooner and after a good half hour, Lucas was born.

He was perfect, his voice loud as he cried. I couldn't help but cry out in joy of finally seeing my boy.

"Okay, Luna. One down. One to go. Push." Dr. Ward said.

After a while, Layla's cries were heard throughout the room. She had my blue eyes and Alex's brown hair, whereas Lucas had Alex's brown eyes and my black hair. We created those perfect creatures.

Alex POV:

"He's a mini Alpha." Sam cooed as he let Lucas squeeze his finger, while rocking him from side to side. I smiled widely at my newborn son as he looked up at me.

I looked over to Sadie and saw Ellie and Lex surround her as they all cooed at Layla. Both my pups were content and so was my mate. My family.

"Hi, beautiful girl." Sadie whispered to our daughter. I'd never seen her so happy.

"Man, I gotta tell ya." Sam said looking at me and smiled. "I can't wait." He said looking at Ellie.

Sadie then looks at me and smiles. "Do you want to hold her?" She asked. I smiled at her before sitting on the side of the bed.

When Sadie handed Layla over to me, I couldn't help but gaze at her. I saw so much of Sadie in her. So much of me as well. I couldn't believe it.

Before I had found Sadie, I didn't want a mate because I was afraid. Looking back now, I realize how foolish I was. Now thanks to my wonderful mate, I have two beautiful children.

Sadie POV:

"I want my son now." I said reaching out to Sam, who pouted in return. "Do I have to?" He asked. "Yes." I told him, taking Lucas in my arms.

"Here, you big baby." Alex said and put Layla is Sam's arms making his eyes light up again.

"Hello, pretty girl." He said smiling at her. "Baby, when are you due again?" He asked Ellie, making her smile lovingly at him. "Four months, baby. You'll live." She replied. He only sighed and looked at Layla again.

A few days passed and it was finally time to take the twins home.

"Let me see my grandbabies!" Mom squeeled. "Sh!" I said making my mom slap her hands over her mouth. "Sorry." She said quieter.

Mom leaned down to look at the twins as they slept in their car seats. "They're perfect." She told me. I smiled lightly. "I know." I said wrapping my arms around Alex.

"You should rest." He whispered to me. "No." I replied, just wanting to spend time with my babies. He sighed and helped me get our pups to the nursery.

"Sweetheart, they're sleeping. Which is what you should be doing." Alex told me when we got them settled in. "Fine." I said weakly and let him lead me to our bedroom.

I was so exhausted and I didn't realize it until I sat on the soft mattress. I could barely get undressed by myself, so Alex had to help me.

Alex pulled the blanket over us and pulled me to his chest. "Good night, baby." Was the last thing I heard before falling asleep.

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