Alpha Mate

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Five years later:

Sadie POV:

"Lucas Alexander, what did I tell you about leaving your toys in the middle of the living room?" I asked my son. "Im sorry, momma." He said and began to put his toys in the small tote box he kept them in. I smiled softly and kissed the top of his head.

"Mommy, when is daddy coming home?" Layla asked me. She was such a daddy's girl and of course, Lucas was a momma's boy.

"He'll be home soon, baby. He and Sammy had some business with Alpha Fisher." I told her. She hung her head low. "Daddy works a lot." She said sadly. "I know, sweetheart. He's the alpha though, so it's not really an option." I told her. "Will Lucas be busy like daddy when he's alpha?" She asked me. "Most likely." I replied.

Lucas walked up to me after cleaning his mess in the living room. "Momma, what is a mate?" He asked. "Where did you hear about mates?" I asked him.

"I asked aunt Ellie why her and uncle Sammy kiss all the time and she said it's because they are mates." He replied.

"Well, a mate is someone who was made specifically for you and your wolf by the moon goddess. Mate's love and protect each other. They make you happy when your sad. They are someone you are destined to be with for the rest of your life." I told him.

"Are you and daddy mates?" Layla asked making me smile. "Yes, baby we are." I told her. "Will I get a mate some day?" Lucas asked. "Of course. You both will. It will be one of the happiest moments for you to ever have when you first find them." I said.

"I can't wait to find my mate!" Layla squeeled happily.

"You better." We heard at the door. "Daddy!" Layla said excitedly and jumped in Alex's arms. "Hey, honey. Did you miss me?" He asked. "I missed you a lot, daddy." Layla replied.

"I did, too." I said smiling at him. "Hey beautiful." He said like he does every day , when he gets home. He bent down to give me a kiss but Layla pushes our faces away from each other. "That's gross." She said making us laugh.

"Kids, dinner is ready!" Lynda called from the kitchen. Lucas hopped off the couch and ran into the kitchen and sat in front of his plate. My boy loves to eat.

"Daddy, why so you work so much?" Layla asked as we ate. "I'm the alpha of the pack, baby. As an alpha it's my job to take care of everyone in it. A lot of times that means leaving home to do it." Alex said. "But you're never home, daddy." Layla said sadly.

I sighed and looked to Alex. He looked hurt by her words. I don't think he realized how much she missed her daddy.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. I'll try to be here more often, okay?" He asked her gently.

She wiped her eyes from a couple of shed tears and climbed on his lap. "Okay, daddy." She said before giving his cheek a kiss.

"I'm done!" Lucas called out when he finished. I looked and saw the plate practically clean and laughed. "Good. Go hop in the shower before bed, okay? Make sure you leave some warm water for your sister." I told him. "Okay, momma." He said before kissing my cheek and jogging upstairs.

I couldn't ask for more well behaved kids. Lucas will be a great alpha one day. His personality is so much like Alex.

Layla is the quiet, stay out of trouble at all costs kind of kid. She has her daddy's temper, whereas Lucas is a little more laid back.

Everything Alex and I went through, got us here, where we are today, leading one of the most powerful packs in the states with loyal pack members that fight tooth and nail for each other.

I know as long as I have Alex and my pups by my side, everything will be okay.


Are y'all ready for Lucas and Layla's stories! Let me know. Love all of you to pieces.

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