Alpha Mate

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Chapter Three

A week & a half later:

Sadie POV:

I sat up as my alarm went off and I got the sudden excitement that my birthday was a day away. "We finally get to meet our mate!" My wolf howled in excitement. "We don't know if we will find him right away." I told her. "I bet we do." I sighed at her relentlessness.

Without fail, that damn door was knocked on. Why the hell must my family befriend everyone? I huffed in annoyance and opened the door. I bowed lightly when I saw Alex. "Alpha." I always greeted him as such when he came to visit. He smiled at me and nodded. I know if he just gave his mate a chance she would be very well taken care of.

"Hello, Alex. Any news on the rouge?" My father asked. "Yes actually. We caught his sent at the borders again. Looks like he took off when we caught onto him and is stalking the territory." Alex replied. "So close to the perimeter? Isn't that like, signing your own death warrent?" I asked. Alex turned to me. "Exactly." He replied. I frowned and my mind drifted to what the hell the rouge could be thinking camping out so close to our territory.

After eating and discussing more about the rouge, I looked at my watch and my eyes widen. "Shit!" I yelled making everyone jump. "I'm late!" I said running out the door.

During my lunch period, I sat across Ellie and our friend Lex. I caught a glimpse behind Ellie and saw Jude with my cousin, Emily. Unfortunately my dear cousin is one of the pack sluts who also happens to hate me. She also shamelessly flirts with Alex and David more than any of them. Alex is always coming to Sam and me complaining how she had no shame and no respect for her alpha. He absolutely hates her and I can't but help but laugh at Emily's expense when I see Alex and David giving her uncomfortable looks and humiliating her in front of everyone even though they don't do it on purpose.

I laughed and suddenly Jude looked at me and kissed Emily. I covered my hand to smother my laugh. Was he really trying to make me jealous? I loved it, because it always gave my friends and I something to talk about when we were here.

Lex turned to see what I was laughing at and joined in. "He's doing it again?" She asked. "It's wonderful isn't it?" Ellie asked causing the three of us to laugh. Jude would always get upset when his attempts to make me jealous failed.

"You're birthday is tomorrow." Lex said wiggling her eyebrows making me roll my eyes. "You people are more excited about this than I am." I replied. "Hey man, I don't turn 18 for another two damn months. Let me have this." Lex told me. I raised my hands in surrender making Ellie giggle lightly. "That's better." Lex said and continued to shovel her food in her mouth. God in heaven, that girl can eat.

Ellie's eyes clouded over for a few seconds before her face turned red and she looked down hiding her face. "Sam again?" I asked smiling. Her blush went away and her embarrassment was turned to joy at hearing his name. "Yeah. He said he has a surprise for me tonight." She replied biting her lip. She loved my brother more than anything and they deserved each other.

I brought Ellie home with me that night and when she saw Sam she seemed to forget I was in front of her and nearly knocked me down trying to get to him. He laughed and caught her. "It's not like you didn't see each other eight hours ago guys." I said laughing before walking upstairs.

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