Alpha Mate

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Chapter Four

Sadie POV:

"Happy birthday!" I heard screams from beside my bed causing me to yelp and fall off. I sat up and glared at the people in the room. My brother, parents, and two best friends stood at the side of my bed smiling widely. "Fuck you guys!" I yelled and stood up. My brother and friends laughed, but my parents just glared because of the way I talked to them.

"Let's go find your mate!" Ellie said excitedly and grabbed my arm. "Baby, you three still have school. You can't skip just to walk around the pack to find him." Sam said and laughed. He always thought about what was best for Ellie. She pouted but complied. "Fine." She said and walked downstairs. "I love you baby!" He called out lifting her spirits.

School was dragging by slower than it usually seemed. My mate wasn't here. I couldn't feel him or smell his scent.

I was in class listening to the teacher go on and on about algebra. God I hated this class. I huffed in agitation when I heard my brother's voice. "Hey birthday girl, mom and dad want you home after school." He said. "But I thought they said I could spend a couple hours with Ellie and Lex before I came home." I replied. "You'll live woman." He replied before closing the link. "Son of a bitch." I accidently said out loud. "What was that Sadie?" Mr. Harding asked me. "Nothing. I apologize, sir." I said respectively. He only nodded and went back to the lesson.

After class, I waited for Ellie and Lex in front of the doors as always but this time, they didn't show. I sighed and headed to my house without them.

When I got to the front door I began to smell the most amazing thing ever. It smelled like pine trees and freshly cut grass. I loved the smell of the outdoors.

I quickly walked inside and everyone was in my living room. "Surprise!" Everyone yelled. I paid no attention as I lifted my headed and sniffed again. "Oh my God." I faintly heard Lex. It was coming from the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen and when I saw who was there, I stared and him as he stared back. "Mate." We said in unision. "Alex?" I asked weakly. I remembered what he said about rejecting his mate and slowly my heart shattered. I ran upstairs hearing him call after me, and slammed my door shut. Why? Why did he have to be my mate? Sam had always teased that Alex would end up being my mate but I never took him seriously.

I smelled Alex's scent get closer and then a knock on the door. "Sadie?" He called out softly. I stayed silent and let my tears fall. "Sadie... Baby, please open the door." He continued. I took a deep breath and wiped my tears.

I stood, opened the door and let him in. He gave me a heart broken look and hugged me. The tingles I felt ran through my body and I started to feel somewhat calmer than before. Alex hugged me before but it was friendly. This was so much more intimate than the others. He ran his fingers through my hair and let me cry into the crook of his neck.

We heard a sudden knock on the door and hesitantly pulled apart but Alex still kept his hands on my hips. "Come in." I said weakly. Sam walked into the room, slowly. He too knew the story of what Alex would do if he found his mate, and he looked so heart broken. Heart broken that I was Alex's mate.

"Alpha, may I speak to my sister alone?" He asked. Alex nodded and kissed my cheek softly. "I'll be down stairs if you need me." He whispered in my ear before leaving.

Sam turned to me when we were alone. "Did he reject you?" He asked. I looked down and shook my head. "Not yet, at least." I told him. "Sadie, maybe he won't. You know, I didn't think I wanted a mate either, but when I saw Ellie on her birthday, all my thoughts of not settling down flew out the window." He told me. I looked up and him and tilted my head. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah. So don't give up so easily. If he didn't care, he wouldn't have come after you." Sam said before leaving the room.

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