Alpha Mate

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Chapter Six

Alex POV:

I wrapped my arm around Sadie and lead her to the kitchen, where everyone was waiting. When we walked in, to my distaste, Emily was sitting at the kitchen table.

"Happy birthday, Sadie." Emily told her cousin. Sadie, being the peace keeper she is, gave her a fake smile, thanking her.

"So for the ones that showed a little later, I found my mate." Sadie announced. I looked down at her and smiled. God she's beautiful.

"Alpha Alex is your mate?" Emily asked, slightly upset by the news causing me to roll my eyes at her. Sadie ignored her attitude and smiled at her. "Yes he is." She replied.

Emily then turned to me. "What happened to you not wanting a mate?" She asked crossing her arms. "Yeah, well, I had no clue it would be Sadie. Not that it's any of your concern, Emily." I told her. "But.." I cut her off before she could continue. "Enough." I commanded and growled lowly at her, making her bow her head. "Yes, alpha."

I sat next to Sadie and draped my arm over her shoulder as everyone continued their chatter. I ignored most of the conversations, staring at my mate. I always knew she was beautiful but seeing her now, I now realize I didn't notice just how beautiful she really is. I kissed her cheek lightly as she joked with Sam, making her smile.

I laughed as her mother gushed over the small loving getures I showed her daughter. "I'm so happy you two are mates! The moon goddess truly is wonderful." She squeeled in excitement. I smiled at Laura, grateful that she was happy for us. "That she is." I replied.

Sadie POV:

I couldn't believe Alex accepted me as his mate. When Sam told me about when he saw Ellie, it gave me the slightest bit of hope. I was so overjoyed when the words left Alex's mouth, I couldn't help but let a few more tears leak out.

Emily sat, glaring at Alex and I all night, but it was so easy to ignore, knowing that Alex felt nothing for her. He barely even looked at her all night. His eyes were on me and my wolf has never been so happy.

"What did I tell you?" My wolf gloated. "Will you hush?" I asked her. I didn't hear much aside from the purring coming from her, the rest of the night.

Suddenly my mom gave me a saddened expression. "This means your leaving soon." She said finally realizing it. My face fell and I looked to Alex. He instantly ran his fingers through my hair. "We'll talk about that tomorrow okay? Just enjoy your birthday." He said making me smile. He kissed me with so much passion that I couldn't help but swoon along with my wolf.

When I heard Emily scoff under her breath, I growled at her. "Do NOT disrespected your Luna, Emily. Understood?" Alex asked in his commanding alpha tone. "Oh my.." My wolf purred. Emily instantly looked down and didn't say another word the rest of the night.

Alex POV:

As the night went on, people started to leave. Sadie's parents had already gone to bed, leaving Sam and Ellie with Sadie and me. I had to admit, just the four of us was more enjoyable than having everyone else around but right now I just wanted to be alone with my mate. And soon after I got my wish.

Sadie leaned up and whispered in my ear. "Stay with me." I looked at her as my eyes shifted from brown to gold, fighting off my wolf. I only nodded and took her hand, standing up. "Hey! You two sure as hell better use protection." Sam said causing me to growl. My wolf didn't like being ordered.

"Do not forget who your alpha is, Sam." I said. "My apologies, Alpha." He replied.

When Sadie's bedroom door closed, I picked her up making her laugh and threw her on the bed. I smiled adoringly at her when she reached out of me. Oh how perfect my mate is.

I layed down carefully on top of her and kissed her. I began to trail down her jaw, to the crook of her neck, when she moaned. I looked back at her and ran my thumb down her cheek. "Can I mark you?" I whispered. Without hesitation, she nodded causing my wolf to go crazy. My eyes turned gold as my wolf took partial control and extended my canines, sinking my teeth into her neck, causing her to gasp from the pain which soon faded as she moaned in pleasure.

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