Alpha Mate

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Chapter Eight

Sadie POV:

"You're a crazy bitch!" Emily yelled across the hall after my last class ended. "What?" I asked her confused. "You hurt Jude. You're crazy." She replied. I began to laugh. Is she kidding? "Honey I didn't hurt him. What I said was what he has coming if he doesn't leave my friends alone." I replied and walked away. "Tell Alex I look forward to seeing him tonight!" She yelled.

When I heard those words come out of her mouth, I slowly turned. "Kill this fucking bitch." My wolf said, as I felt the fury of my cousin's words. I stalked up to her, my eyes glowing as I stood nose to nose with her. "Repeat that." I said. She wasn't intimidated at all. "I'm going to see Alex tonight." She replied. "And what the hell makes you think that?" My wolf was now in control. "Because I can." She said to me, lowly and threatening. "Do not forget your place here, mutt. I have the power to throw your pathetic, slutty ass out of this pack. Try to turn me against my mate again, it will happen. You will be declared a rouge and hunted like the pathetic dog you are." My wolf said and growled loudly at her causing her to wince and step back. "Show your luna respect, mutt." My wolf commanded. Emily imidiately bowed against her will. "Yes, Luna." She whispered and walked away.

I stumbled back as my wolf gave me back control. "Are you insane?!" I yelled at her. "I hate her. You are her Luna and she will respect you." My wolf replied. I took a deep breath, ignoring the whispers down the hall. I need my mate.

Alex POV:

I kept glancing at the clock. She should be here soon and I couldn't wait. While I was looking over security cameras around the perimeter of the pack, I still couldn't find a single sign of the rouge. What the hell?

I felt a sudden rage in my body, enough to make me slam my fist on the table, causing David and Sam to jump.

"Alpha?" Sam asked. I took a deep breath before looking up at him. "Something's wrong. Sadie is furious. I can feel it. She's mad enough to kill right now." I replied.

The anger was so much stronger than it was earlier. What the hell is happening?

Soon the rage disapated and my body relaxed. "Our mate is upset." My wolf said, desperate to get to her. "I know. She'll be here soon." I reassured him.

Sadie POV:

I walked into the pack house and instantly smelled my mate. I smiled and knocked on his office door. "Come in." Oh how I love the sound of his voice.

When I opened the door, he instantly shot out of his chair and over to me. I laughed as he picked me up, wrapping my legs around his hips. "I missed you so much." He whispered before kissing me.

After he put me down, he looked at me seriously. "What happened today baby?" He asked.

I sighed and told him about Jude, and how he made Lex feel so uncomfortable and how I handled it. He was actually proud of me. Then I told him about Emily and he panicked.

"Baby, you know she's nothing to me right? I have no intention to see her." He said, and I could feel his fear. I smiled at him. "I know, Alex. Doesn't mean she won't show up though." I replied. "So you really threatened to declare her a rouge huh?" He asked. I looked down at my feel slightly ashamed. "Baby, you are her Luna. She should have respected you and sometimes fear is the only way to get that into someone's head." He continued. "You're not mad at me?" I asked causing him to laugh. God, that laugh. I could get lost in it. "No, baby." He said before kissing me.

Alex POV:

Our kiss started to get heated and I was ready to take my mate here on my desk, which I was about to do before my office door was swung open, revealing Emily.

My mate may have a temper but mine is far worse. As soon as I saw her, I wrapped my hand around her throat and slammed her against the wall. "How dare you have the audacity to disrespect my mate, and come here against a direct order! You have absolutely no respect for your Luna or Alpha! Do not ever talk to her the way you did again, because what Sadie has planned for you if it happens again, is far milder than what will happen if I get my hands on you first." I yelled before dropping her to the ground. "But Alex!" She yelled before I cut her off. "That is an order!" I yelled at her. "Yes, Alpha." She whimpered before leaving.

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