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Chapter 15

I’ve been looking over my shoulder all the time to make sure we’re not followed. My hands began to tremble from fear, but I have to calm down and stay attentive. By the time we arrived at Luca’s house, I told Anna everything.

“Anna, promise me you won’t tell Luca about my wound.” I look at her with my begging eyes.

“But it’s important, it’s much more serious. We’re talking about your life, your well-being. I think we have to tell him everything.” She says she’s turning off the car’s engine.

“You know what he’s like when he finds out he wants to find this guy and take revenge. I don’t want him to have any business with him. He can injure Luca or kill worse...” I tell her and I feel like my hands are starting to tremble from terrible thoughts.

After noticing my altered behavior, Anna takes me by the shoulders and tries to calm me down. “All right, calm down. Breathe deep, we’re not going to tell him anything. But you have to calm down, otherwise, he’ll realize something has happened.” I nod and inhale depths in an attempt to soothe my severely beating heart.

“Now we have to go to the house because they will begin to consider why we sit in the car for so long.” I nod because I don’t think I can say at least one word right now.

I look in the mirror of the car, check my look and get out of the car. Anna stands next to me and steps toward the house in the same step.

When we open the door, we are greeted by silence, no one is home. I feel relief, at least I will have some time to cope with my emotional state.

“I’m going upstairs to change clothes and clean the wound. If someone comes back in the meantime, don’t tell anyone about what happened.” I say pointing my finger at her, with a serious face. I have to do it myself, she nods her head and goes to wait for me to the living room, and I in the meantime run upstairs.

In the bathroom, I took off a sweater and blouse that was smeared with blood. I looked in the mirror to assess the damage. The wound is not deep, but I think it will leave a scar. How I’m going to hide it from Luca. When I stop thinking about it, I start cleaning the wound and put on the patch. While I was at the bottom I heard the voices, probably someone came home. I put on a T-shirt with a collar near my neck, hiding the wound. One last time I looked at my image in the mirror, I went downstairs.

When I landed down, I reached for the voices that were coming out of the kitchen. As I reached the room, everyone’s eyes went out to me. “Hi, where were you all?” I ask you to look at the guys, to feel the gaze, to look at Anna, who sends me a pointed look. It’s like asking what I’m talking about here. And I send her another glance to understand that she can’t talk about today’s events.

Luca approaches me, hugs me through the waist, and kisses my lips. It’s such a feeling that we haven’t seen a week, month, it’s all over again. I put my hands on his chest, feeling his strong heartbeat in my palm. We’re drowned out in our little world, where we’re just the two of us. I feel like I’m starting to heat up and I want more.

“All right, pretty love birds, we don’t want to see all this.” Luka says.

“Go find some room.” Dominic says while laughing.

“Don’t forget there are children here.” Anna says pointing her finger at Sofia.

I’m suddenly pulling back, but Luca doesn’t let me out of his embrace. I feel like my cheeks are beginning to blush. I look up and see Luca looking at me, in his eyes I see happiness, love, and lust. “I missed you.” He whispers. “Me too.” He kisses my forehead and we go back to the others together.

I approach Sofia and give her a strong hug and kiss her on the forehead. “How are you, princess?” I ask her. “It’s better now when I’m home. I don’t like spending time with dad, he’s always angry and constantly shouts on Luca.” she pouts.

I look at Luca and his face doesn't betray any emotions. I knew his relationship with his father was poor, but I didn’t think it was that bad.

“Who wants to eat?” Dominic asks, trying to brighten up the mood. “Me!” Luke shouts. “You’re always hungry.” Dominic responds with a laugh. “What can I do, I am a growing body. I need a lot of food.” Luke says he’s shrugging his shoulders.

Everyone gets involved in the discussion of what to order, but I still can’t take my eyes from Luca’s eyes. I’m trying to understand how he feels, but he shakes his head with a hint that I’m not picking anything out of him.

I’m disappointed because I thought he trusted me. But today I realized that this is not the case. My eyes reluctantly go to Anna, and I understand from her eyes that she’s putting pressure on me to tell them everything. I’m quietly trying to whisper her words later... She just rolls her eyes out of frustration and engages in an ongoing conversation.

My eyes always come back to Luca and I notice that his gaze is still on me. I understand from his face that he suspects something, that he knows I’m hiding something. I feel like I’m going to get cold sweats, tonight won’t end well.

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