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Chapter 17

I wake up from the sun’s rays caressing my face, slowly opening my eyes. I notice that I didn’t fully close the curtains yesterday. Hoping to sleep at least a little more, I roll over brushing against Luca in bed.

I smile biting my lip as I look at his sleeping form. He sleeps peacefully, looking almost innocent. When I look closely at his face, I notice black bags under his eyes, he looks tired. And it’s all my fault, that's why I didn’t want to tell him anything.

I sigh, I don’t want to think about it, I’m not going to change anything anymore.

Gently with my thumbs, I touch under his eyes. Then I swipe his cheekbone with my fingers, I feel the beard that hasn`t been shaved for a few days.

Lost in my mind, I don’t notice when Luca takes my wrist. Brings my fingers to his lips and bathes my skin in small kisses while his eyes look at me.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to wake you up.” I say because I know he needs more sleep.

“I didn’t sleep.” He answers with that sexy grin. When I see it, I’m filled with heat, desire, and need. I don’t know when our lips started to get closer to each other.

I felt like one of his hands appeared behind my head and pulled me closer. When his other hand lay on my lower back and pulled our bodies against each other.

The second that our lips have met my desire has increased, the heat pulsating from our bodies seems to be continuing to increase. He changes our position, now he is on top of me.

I moan into the kiss and feel him smile. He kisses down my neck with searing hot, lust filled kisses.

I gasp when he squeezes my butt, my nipples tighten instantly.

“Lu-Luca” I say. I feel his erection pressed into my pelvis, inches from where I drip with heat.

“Don’t worry, baby. I know you’re not ready yet, we’re not going to take that far. I’m just going to show you how good I can make you feel.” He groans, grinding me into him hard.

I clench my legs around him, bringing him closer to me, wanting him closer, needing him closer to me. I nearly scream while his bulge rubs right against the place where I want it most. I can feel my moistness dripping down my thighs and dampening his boxers. Two thin pieces of material separate our arousals. I know he won’t put pressure on me to have sex with him, but I’m no way going to wait weeks or months to have sex with him after this.

His every move takes me higher and higher. My pleasure breaks apart and I climax, squeezing him with my legs. He curses and his bulge rubs against last time at my core.

“Now I need a very cold shower. You were amazing.” He tells me and kisses me passionately.

“Luca, I got a call. We need to go.” There’s a knocking and Dominic’s voice behind the door.

“Fuck.” He curses and runs his hand through his hair.

“I’ll be right out.” He answers and stands up, while at the same time I hear the footsteps move away.

“Are you all right?” I ask, leaning on my elbows.

“Yes, don’t worry. Don’t wait for me, I’ll be back late.” And goes to the bathroom for a wash.

I sit down straight, cross my legs. When I hear the water running, I start thinking about what’s going on. When he found out everything yesterday - suddenly he disappeared. Comes back late and today morning was awesome. Everything was fine until Dominic came. Who could call to change his mood so abruptly? We didn’t even talk about yesterday’s events.

While I was thinking about everything, I didn’t even notice when Luca finished. When I raised my eyes, I noticed that he was dressed in a black suit and wearing a gold watch. “Don’t think about it, I’ll fix it, Beautiful.” And the last time he kissed my forehead before going out the door.

I decided to leave all the problems in the drawer at least today. I stand up and go get ready for work. At least this will help to distract my thoughts a little from the problems.

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