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Chapter 18

A few days have passed, today is Wednesday. These days, Luca’s behavior has changed. Not just him, Dominic and Luke too. They became mysterious, silent, and closed off. You rarely hear them joking or engaging in a conversation. They are always in their small world, in their minds, always thoughtful. I tried to get something out of them a few times, but unsuccessfully.

It’s almost strange to see Luke like this because he’s always been the most talkative and cheerful. When I think about it, I’ve never seen him like this, never... He was the person who was always with a smile, the one who would cheer you up when you were sad.

In recent days I rarely see them. Luca comes back late and disappears early. If they’re home, then they’re in the office and leave when they’re done whatever they do there. These days I take care of Sofia, I take to kindergarten, bring home, prepare food, play, and prepare for sleep. When I work, Anna stays with her until I get back.

I told Lisa everything on Monday morning. Her reaction was what I imagined. First, she was in a state of shock, then she started cursing my mother and shouting as she would murder herself. In fact, I was a little scared myself. But Anna helped me calm her down and explain that the guys are helping me deal with that. She was skeptical of the idea because when you think about it. Where will Luca get such big money?

Now I’m waiting for Anna to come and take me and Sofia to her kindergarten. I count how much cash I have, I took five hundred from home, I only earned a hundred dollars in a few days. Six hundred...

The car signal pulls out of my thoughts. When I raise my eyes, I see Anna’s car approaching. Looking down, I see Sofia scurrying and waving at Anna. It makes me smile, these few days we have all got very close.

We get in the car, I’m with Sofia in the back and Liza with Anna in front. We talk briefly until we arrive at Sofia’s Kindergarten, leaving her there. In the car, a discussion begins.

“So, did you find out something?” Lisa asks by turning to me.

“No, Luca came back late, I was already asleep. And this morning he was gone ...” I say, crossing my arms and looking out the window.

The car is flooded with silence, I notice Lisa frowning when she hears it. We are all drowned in thoughts when Anna suddenly speaks.

“I think we’re already convinced we won’t pick anything from them. So why don’t we follow them and find out where they disappear every day.” she offers.

I frown because I don’t think it’s a good idea. I better get this information from Luca than spy on him.

I hear Lisa sigh. “It’s better than sitting and waiting for what happens next. Time is ticking, it's dwindling. We need to take everything into our own hands and see if everything is moving in the right direction.”

“You’re right, I need to know what’s going on.” I reply.

“Then we agree, today after school we take Sofia to my mom. She will gladly be with her overnight. The guys will come back for dinner like every night, after that they will leave again. We will then get in Lisa’s car because they haven’t seen it yet and follow them. ” Anna says.

“Then that’s the plan.” She tells after the nods of our head.

“We’ll finally find out what’s going on with them.” Lisa says thrilled.

“I just hope it’s not something bad.” I say glancing out the window again.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” Anna tries to comfort me.

I just nod my head. But I can’t get rid of that feeling, I can’t explain it. He’s hiding something from me, but I can’t figure out what it is. Maybe Anna’s plan will really help me find out.

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