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Chapter 2

I wake up from the sound of the alarm, I turn it off quickly and I’m going to get ready for a new day. The main thing is that I don’t forget to go to the store and then go straight to work because then I won’t have time to shop after work. Recently I started working as a waitress in a café, wages are not great, but better than nothing. It’s hard to find a job with flexible working hours.

Today I decided to wear sleek light blue ripped jeans, a black wide Nike tracksuit, and white Nike sneakers. When I grab my make-up, I try to hide the bruise that has formed as much as possible, looking back in the mirror, I think I did a good job. When I get all the necessary things, I try to get out of the house in quiet steps so that the devil doesn’t wake up.

I’m running outside, I’m getting my phone out and sending out a quick text message to my girls, informing them we’re meeting at the main school door. A favorite part of the day when I can be a simple teenager without any problems at school and also spend some time with my best friends.

At school

“Hey, girl, I missed you!” says Anna giving me a strong hug. She is the most caring and kindest girl I’ve ever met, she’s the mom of our group. She’ll always take care of you, she won’t miss the slightest little things. “We saw each other yesterday.” I say laughing at her. “I don’t care, I still missed you so much,” she says, pressing me even more in her arms.

“What about me? Won’t I get a hug? No one misses me?” Lisa says from behind me. “GROUP HUG!” All three we convene at the same time and make a group hug.

" How did the weekend go? Did you meet Matt?” I ask Lisa until all three go to the cabinet. “Uhm... I spent the night with him.” She says she’s blushing. “WHAT??!!” We look at her shocked, we really didn’t expect it. “Have you had sex with him?”Anna asked wiggling her eyebrows with a smirk, she always was the straightforward one, she always said what she thought. “Yes,” Lisa says quietly, we both look at her shocked, I never thought that she would do it, she was shy like me. “Finally, my girl is a woman now.” Anna says cheerfully, it’s funny watching her get excited about this small thing.

“All right girls, here’s my stop. I’ll see you for lunch.” I say and wave to them goodbye. When I enter the office, I’m going to take a seat at the end of the class first. I’m sitting in the back because I want to avoid all the extra attention, I want silence and peace. As always, the lessons begin with boring topics, it seems really important to us what she ate for breakfast. I’m starting to doze off while listening, maybe I should take a nap. After about fifteen minutes, I’m woken up by a loud sound of the opening of the cabinet door, and three guys are coming in.

The first guy has brown short hair, I learned from the teacher that his name is Luke. Next up is a blonde with slightly longer hair, he is Dominic and the last is Luca, all of them look flawless. But Luca captivated my attention, he was dressed in black ripped jeans and a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket. My eyes continue to travel toward his face, to those sharp jawlines, lips. When I look into his eyes, I see that he’s looking right at me. At this point, I feel my face is warming up. Shit, I must be red as a tomato. I quickly lower my head, pretending that I’m more interested in the book. Now I’d like to vanish.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t pay attention to what the teacher was saying until I heard that a seat beside me was taken by some guy. I didn’t have the courage to look who it was, so the rest of the class I was hiding with my hair fallen, like a curtain, hiding my face. All the time I could feel heated stare at me, I tried to ignore it and brush that feeling of me.

When the bell rang I quickly took all the stuff and ran out of the class, but before heading to the doors, I quickly took a glance at the person sitting beside me and it was Luca, the guy who caught me staring at him. Even now he was looking straight at my eyes, then I saw his eyes turning to look at my cheek and his face expression turning to furious.

The other lessons were peaceful, none of the new guys were in them, so I loosened up. After them, I started walking to the direction of our spot where we always were eating, under a tree in the middle of the field. Anna and Lisa were eating, I never eat, because I don’t have enough money, but by now I got used to it and now I’m never feeling hungry at school.

Walking through the hall I was lost in my own thoughts when suddenly someone grabbed my upper hand and pulled me into them. When I looked up, I saw the new guy, Luca. “Who did that to your face?” he says calmly, but I can feel anger radiated from him.

“What are you talking about?” I ask. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Your cheek, who did it?” he asks getting more annoyed, I can feel it because his hold on my hand gets stronger.

“It’s not your business, let go of me. You are hurting me.” I say through gritted teeth, afraid I will slip at my cover. I pulled my hand from his hold and ran from him, I know that he didn’t believe me, I still could feel his stare at me, but I don`t care. I`m not going to talk about my life with some stranger, he would tell all the school about that…

I have enough of school today, I’m going straight to work. Maybe I’ll get more tips. All the way I was thinking about him, why he was interested in me. It would be better for both of us if he just found some other girl to bother.

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