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Chapter 19

At home

“When do you think they’ll come back?” Lisa asks while serving the table. It’s seven o’clock in the evening, they should have been back.

“I don’t know, most of the time we’re all having dinner at this time.” I respond by placing forks and knives next to the plates.

“Do you think anything could have happened? Maybe I should call him?” I start to worry and freeze in place. Thinking about all the scariest scenarios that could have happened.

“Calm down, let’s wait another half an hour. Maybe they took somewhere.” Anna tries to calm me down, but it doesn’t help. She brings all the prepared dishes on the table, they are all warm.

I sigh because I know she’s right. Just when there is such a situation at the moment, I am worried all the time.

We decided to wait in the living room so we could see when they would be back. It’s been ten minutes, twenty... thirty... “That’s it, I’m calling.” I snap.

Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring...

"He doesn’t pick up... Anna try to call Dominic.” She quickly pulls her phone out and calls. We are all looking forward to what will happen. But the same thing happens, the signal and nothing.

“Do you think they’re doing it on purpose?” Lisa asks from the couch.

“Who knows, we’re going to have to wait.” I mumble crossing my arms. At the moment I am angry if they weren’t going to come back they could at least have informed me. After all, it would have only taken a few minutes.

“I’m hungry, let’s go eat while the food is still warm. Because it really won’t be that long.” Lisa says as she gets up from the couch and steps into the dining room. “You are right.” Anna says following from behind.

I stay seated, other thoughts start to flow to my mind. Maybe I need to call the police or the hospital, maybe something serious happened.

“Mia!” the voice is heard from the doorway.

Turning around, I notice it’s Anna. “Don’t think too much anymore, they’re fine. Come on, you need to eat too.” I nod my head because I know she’s right. She is always right. I get up from the couch and follow her.

After few hours

“I’m bored.” Lisa complains.

“Where can they be? It’s already dark.” Anna says.

“Let’s see another movie.” I suggest.

“No, we’re already watched two.” Lisa pouts. We just roll our eyes at her behavior.

And then we hear how the car enters. Lisa quickly gets up from the couch and runs to see who’s out there, “It’s them.” Responds shortly. And come back to us.

We are all looking forward to when they come, I start putting in my mind the thoughts of what I will say to Luca. Then there was the car door pad, which informed us that they were heading to the door. From that anxiety, I started playing with the ends of my shirt.

We looked up at the door as it was opened. All three guys entered the room. But Luca caught my attention because he had a hood on his head and I couldn’t see his face. His hands were tucked into his jacket pockets.

Without looking at me, he climbed the stairs and went into the room. It took a few minutes before I realized that my gaze was frozen at the top of the stairs. When I recovered, I looked at the guys, trying to figure out what had happened.

They looked tired, none of them could look me in the eye. I didn’t want to ask them what was going on because I knew Luca had forbidden them to say anything. So much I can understand from their faces.

I look at the girls and their faces reflect the same emotions, concern, anxiety, and hopelessness.

“Go eat and go relax.” I tell them because they need it now. “I’ll warm up the food for you.” Anna offers from the couch.

They both look at me, but don’t argue, and nodding their heads, they go to the kitchen. The girls get up and go out to the kitchen after them. Anna presses my shoulder sending a silent message that she supports me and she`s here if I need her.

I get up and go to our room. When I open the room door, I see that it is dark inside. The only light source is light emanating through an open door gap from the bathroom.

When I came near and looking inside the bathroom.

I see what I didn’t expect to see.

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