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Chapter 21

In the morning I wake up first, slowly and carefully, trying to get out of bed in an effort not to wake sleeping, Luca. Already sitting on the edge of the bed, I turn around and admire his sleeping face and pull down the stairs to prepare breakfast for everyone.

When I enter the kitchen, I get a heavenly smell of food, and I breathe the depths to enjoy it. I look around and notice Dominic baking pancakes at the stove while Luke sits on a bar chair and plays on the phone.

First I’m noticed by Dominic, who’s turning pancakes on Luke’s plate and says with a smile, “Good morning.”

“Good morning” I answer with a smile. Hearing my voice, Luke turns and greets me as well. When I get closer, I sit next to Luke.

“We wanted to talk to you.” Dominic starts. “We wanted to tell you everything. You’re like a sister to us. And that look of you every time just ruined us...”

“But Luca has forbidden us to tell you anything, we’re very sorry. But you have to understand that we had no choice.” Luke said.

“Will you forgive us?” Dominic asked in an apologetic voice.

How can I not forgive them, because they’re innocent of all this? They just wanted to protect me, I put them into my own problems...

“I forgive you, but you have to promise me that you will not hide anything else from me.” I stated.

“Unless Luca...” Luke couldn’t finish his sentence because Dominic shut him down with a punch in his arm.

“We promise.” Dominic said and I giggled.

“What’s so funny?” a voice asked from behind me.

Looking behind me, I saw Luca standing in the doorway. He was wearing only shorts, nothing else. And they were very, very low. I let my eyes enjoy this image. I didn’t even notice how he approached me and whispered in my ear, “You like what you see, baby?” I blushed, my face turning scarlet because I was caught.

Someone was coughing behind me trying to draw our attention. When I turned around, I noticed it was Dominic. “Who wants pancakes?” He replied with a smile, and Luke just didn’t hold back his laughter. In the meantime, I just rolled my eyes, stupid boys.

“I will wake Sofia” Luca said. I quickly grabbed his hand, not letting him go.

“Sofia is not home. She slept in Anna’s house tonight. We thought Sofia could help distract Anna’s mother’s thoughts and brighten her mood because you know that Anna’s brother’s search is still ongoing. I also thought that Sofia would benefit from having a mother’s figure in her life.” I told the semi-truth.

“You should tell me these things before they happen. I’m her brother, I’m responsible for her safety.” He stated angry.

I was silent, he was really angry. I must have crossed the line. But if he’s such a caring brother, why did he leave her alone these days. He never took care of whether she had eaten or whether she went to kindergarten.

I`m pissed because he should be like this. I and the girls took care of her, even though I know it’s my fault. Because I’m guilty of distracting him from his sister. But he could at least thank me for taking care of her. Am I wrong? Probably...

We ate breakfast in silence, no one said a word. My thoughts kept straying about Sofia, about Luca. I’m guilty of being injured and so I’m guilty that he pays little attention to his sister. It seems to me that I bring him only unnecessary problems.

At school

“What happened?” Anna asked.

I came to class with the guys, so I only met the girls for lunch. When we came to our place, we sat on the recently cut grass. And at that very moment, Anna already knew something was wrong. She knows me better than I do...

“Luca...” I muttered.

“What did he do this time?” Lisa asked.

“Nothing... I just don’t know, I told him this morning about Sofia that she slept with you. He then started saying he was a brother, I had to let him know and blah blah blah... I know he’s right, but I was nervous about how he expressed it. He didn’t care about it in the last few days, and today, suddenly everything turned around. I know I’m guilty of spending a little time with her. But I thought he trusted me, that I was close to him. I was most hurt by the fact that he was infuriated because I didn’t tell him. And that he was hiding from me, it’s okay. Am I exaggerating?” I asked.

“Uhmm...”Anna tried to come up with something to say, but my gaze was caught by figures in the distance. It was the guys, they were discussing something, and Luca was constantly looking at the phone.

“Where are you going?” Lisa asked when I got off the ground.

“I’m going to find out what they’re talking about.” I said pointing at them.

As I approached, I heard them talking about tonight.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Nothing, I just got to know that a fight is waiting for me today. If I win it, I’ll get five thousand.” He stated casually. It’s like it’s a simple invitation to meet...

“Are you going?” I asked.

“Yes” He said.

“Then I’ll go with you too.” I stated.

“No.” Luca said.

“Why not?!” I asked.

“Because it’s not safe there, you have no idea what type of men are there. I’ll be in the ring, I can’t protect you. You’re not going, you’ll be home. Did you understand?” he asked lowly.

“Fine.” I huffed and looked away. After that, they all walked away from me.

“So, what happened?” Lisa asked.

“Luca has a fight tonight and he has forbidden me to go. Anna, would your mom agree to look after Sofia? We have a mini-trip to illegal fights.” I said smirking.

“Finally, I thought you will never offer it.” Lisa smiled and clapped her hands.

Luca, I’m not that helpless girl anymore, I don’t want to be like that anymore. I’m not going to stand behind you anymore, I’m going to stand with you.

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