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Chapter 22

Soon after returning home, I took a shower, left Sofia at Anna`s home on the way, and the guys went out to train and get ready for the fight. I slip into a simple black top and a pair of jeans. Tie my hair into a high ponytail.

“So, what’s the plan?” Lisa asks while we grab a snack.

“We’re going to the gym and watching their car. When we see them getting ready to drive, then we’ll follow them and find out where the fight is going on.” I explain.

“I hope it’s going to be as simple as you just said.” Lisa says while eating. I hope too, although nothing has been so easy so far...

“I think we should already be heading to the gym because we don’t know exactly when the fight will start. It’s better to wait than to be late.” Anna explains, putting the last bite into her mouth.

“Maybe we should take some snacks, we don`t know how long we’ll have to wait.” Lisa offers.

“You’re right, it’s possible that we’re going to have to wait a few hours.” I agree.

After taking a few snacks and a couple of bottles of water, we go toward the car. Anna and I are sitting in the front, and Lisa is sitting in the back.

We begin to drive towards the gym, it is half an hour from home. Along the way, I wonder if I would be able to watch Luca fight. Will I really endure seeing my beloved boyfriend beaten by another man? Can I forgive myself for the pain I caused him?

When we reach the parking lot, we decide to park the car at the very end of the parking lot so that we are not noticed.

We spent a couple of hours just sitting and waiting,

it was already dark outside. Looking at the clock, I see that it is already nine o’clock in the evening.

Looking over my shoulder, I see Lisa sleeping on the back seat. I smiled when I saw it.

“You’re kind of quiet today, what’s in your mind?” Anna asks.

“I don’t know, it just seems to me that we’re misbehaving by following them. What will we do if some unfamiliar men come to us? What if they are rapists? We don’t know what kind of people are gathering there. But looking at it from the other side, Luca would never let me see what was really going on there.” I mutter.

“Yes, he’s really protective of you. It’s lovely, I’d love to have someone who cares about me so much. I’m jealous of you sometimes.” She smiles looking at me.

“And I love him for it, but sometimes I think I need to fight for myself so I don’t always depend on someone.” I explain.

“Do not underestimate yourself, you are very strong. Not everyone could survive as much as you and not break. I’m proud of you.” She says with admiration in her eyes.

“Thank you.” I say sincerely.

Suddenly, our attention is attracted by the car’s headlights, it’s them. “Lisa, get up, they are moving!” I yelled.

“Finally.” Lisa says.

“Drive after them, but try to be unnoticed, but at the same time be close. Because otherwise we will lose sight of them or they will see us.” I say.

We’ve been following them for fifteen minutes, “Do you have any idea where we are and where we’re going?” Lisa asks looking around through the window.

“Nope.” We both say.

“Wonderful. If anything happens, I wouldn’t even know where to call for help.” Lisa mutters.

“Calm down, you’re not alone. And by the way, the guys will be inside as well, if there’s a problem we’ll find them.” Anna tries to calm down Lisa.

But at this point, I think Luca’s reaction is scarier when he sees me.

“Look they’re stopping the car.” Lisa points a finger.

“Stop here. Does anyone see where they are going?” I ask nervous.

“I see. They go through the back door. They’re inside.” Lisa responds by watching through the window.

“Then it’s time for us to go inside too.” I say, and when I unbutton my seatbelt, I get out of the car.

We’re heading for an abandoned house, at least that’s what it looks like from the outside. The area is full of cars, although there are no people outside.

When we reach the door, we knock and the door opens.

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