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Chapter 23

The slot in the middle of the door slides open and a pair of menacing eyes stare back at me.

“Password.” The man`s bored voice almost put me to sleep.

“Um... Black moon.” I say nervous.

“Get lost!” The man shouts and the slot closes. Fuck...

“Now what?” Lisa asks.

“We will find another way in.” I say with a shrug.

“Really? Black moon? Where the fuck did that came from?” Anna asks skeptically.

“I don`t know, I just said what came in my mind. Can you blame me? I was nervous, it`s not like we knew the password...” I respond.

We go around the building, trying to find a door or window through which we can climb.

“Come here!” We hear Lisa shout and we follow her voice.

“Do you think we’ll fit?” She asks pointing to a small window, that I think leads to the basement.

“If we don’t try, we won’t know.” I respond.

I kneel down and carefully try to push the window to my side so that we don’t make a noise. To my surprise, the window very easily gives up on me and I slowly take it out.

I suggest slipping through the window first because it was my idea.

I find myself in the basement, as I thought. It’s dark around, so I pull out my phone and turn on the flashlight. With at least a little light.

Anna and Lisa follow me, I can hear the soft faint of cheering upstairs. So we follow the noise. I take the stairs two at a time, and reach door. I pry it open.

The room is so big it`s fully filled with peoples, at least one hundred. The air is thick with the smell of sweat, blood, and smoke. The voices blend with one another, yelling names and numbers. I see several groups of people holding out their money, eager to place bets on who`s going to win tonight`s fight.

We try to navigate our way through the huge crowd. The fighting ring looks suitable for this place.

Someone accidentally pushes against me and I stumble back slightly.

“Sorry-” The guy`s voice is cut off, my eyes widen when I realize who it is.

"Dominyc?” I say, horrified. I didn`t expect to bump into one of them so soon, we`re here for five minutes maybe?

“What the hell are you doing here?” He yells, oh boy... He`s angry.

“I`m here for Luca, I wanted to support him.” I try to explain myself.

“Do you ever think with your head? You all three should be glad it was me, not that fucker who your mother is in debt. Do you think he wouldn’t have used this opportunity? Do you even think about what he would have done to you if he saw you here all alone? Everything Luca done for you would have been gone for nothing... And you now showed that you don’t appreciate it..." He sneers and I lower my head in shame...

“Wait till Luca founds out...” Dominic narrows his eyes at me.

He is interrupted by the thunderous roar of the crowd. We all turn our heads towards the ring. I see a man in the middle of the ring with a microphone.

“Welcome to the Ring, fuckers!” He screams. “If you haven’t taken your bets already, what the fuck are you waiting for? You can’t bet once the fighters are in the ring! And no touching or harrassing the fighters. No interfering with the fight and no bet switching! If you are caught breaking the rules, I’d have my people kick your ass out and beat you up so you’d wish you’d never step foot in here!”

“Where`s Luke?” I ask, frowning.

“He`s with Luca. Now listen, stand here and try not to get Luca’s attention, okay? We want him to win, not worry about you.” He stated.

I nod my head because I don’t want to disturb him, he needs to concentrate on fighting. I cross my arms and turn to the ring again.

“Let`s begin!” The man screams again, and everyone cheers.

Two men emerge from different corners. First guy runs around the ring, slapping people`s hands and then get`s back to his place. From the next corner, Luca appears with a grin on his face, the spectators stand cheering.

His eyes scan the crowd and his eyes land on me.

The grin that he wears on his face immediately vanishes. His stare is fixed on me. I gulp nervously as he walks over to the edge of the ring in front of me.

“The fuck are you doing here?” He snarls.

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