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Chapter 24

He doesn`t get an answer because a bell rings, signaling the start of the fight. Luca tears his gaze from me and focuses his attention on his opponent.

And the fight begins.

I stand in complete shock as my eyes stare at the scene unfolding in front of me. Luca has cornered his opponent. He’s hitting him repeatedly in each side of his ribs and the other guy hides his face with his hands. The other guy is a bit taller than him, but Luca is literally destroying him.

A bell goes off and the ref separates them as Luca walks over to his corner, wiping his mouth with his arm.

Luke hands him a bottle of water. They start whispering about something and when Luke’s eyes suddenly turn to my side, I realize that conversation is about me. His eyes show disappointment and annoyance. I lower my head, I can’t take his look anymore.

I feel someone putting a hand on my shoulders and giving me a side hug. When I raise my eyes, I see Dominic sending me an apologetic smile. “I really fucked up everything, didn’t I?” I ask guiltily. “Yes, you did.” He replays.

“How much he will be pissed on a scale from zero to ten?” I ask looking up again.

“Hundred.” He mutters.

It really doesn’t help me, knowing he’s mad at me. I could have avoided all this. Now I’m going to have to accept what’s waiting for me.

“The fight is over, come. I will take you all home.” Dominic states.

“Wait, what about Luca? I want to see him.” I said, my voice clearly annoyed.

Dominic frowns, “Fine, I will take you to him.” He muttured.

We maneuver through the crowd, trying to reach the back door. He holds it open for me and we enter a hallway. Dominic leads the way until we come to a stop at another door.

He knocks a few times and Luke opens the door.

When he pulls his head out, he looks at us and his eyes turn to Dominic again. Luke’s eye shows of frustration that we’re here and Dominic just shrugs his shoulders. Saying he can’t change anything.

“Go inside, I’ll wait outside the door. And you Dominic bring the girls home.” Luke says.

I see Dominic leading them out, before the doors closed girls send me encouraging smiles.

“Good luck, Mia.” Luke says.

“Thanks.” I mutter.

Without waiting for anything, I enter the room and close the door behind me.

Luca sits on a chair, bandaging his arms. I clear my throat and his warm eyes meet mine and a scowl appears on his face.

“You” He stated.” I fucking told you, not to go here!” He screams.

“I know, but I just wanted to support you and be with you, not just fucking sit at home and wait...” I defend myself.

“You should fucking be grateful that Dominic was there, do you even care about the danger you walked in? You should be thankful that fucking bitch wasn`t here today...” He shouts pissed.

He shook his head, ”You never listen to what you are told.” He stated calmly. I don`t like this calmness, one minute he’s angry and now he’s calm...

He stands up and comes near me. Puts his hands behind me and leans near me. Luca whispers lowly in my ear, “You need to be punished, baby.”

“W-what?” I stutter.

Suddenly he dips his head in the crook of my neck and I can feel his soft lips leaving there marks on me and igniting a fire in me.

I tilt my head to the side, giving him better access to my skin. Put my hands on his chest, feeling every muscle under them. He trailed kisses down my neck as I squirm eagerly.

He pinched my nipples with his fingers sending an exhilarating feeling throughout my body. He began to trail kisses down my stomach as my breath hitched.

“Luca” I squirm not able to control the weird sensation that I’m feeling. His fingers quickly undo my jeans and I can feel how he slides them down.

He pulled my panties off and raise my legs on his shoulders, my back suddenly hits the wall.

I closed my eyes not being able to take all of this and suddenly I felt his mouth on me. His tongue started moving slowly at first and getting more intense as time went by.

I was panting, my hand found his hair and I was clutching onto it with my eyes rolled to the back of my head, not being able to resist the euphoric feeling.

And then everything stopped.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked down, and found him smirking. “This will be your punishment, next time you will listen to me.”

He puts my legs on the ground and helps me to fix my jeans. I’m pissed, I can’t even express it. I was so close to orgasm and he just stopped...

I hate this...

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