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Chapter 25

Today is Saturday, the last day before payment. These few days Luca hasn’t touched me, we didn’t do anything dirty. My effort didn’t help either... He said it was a punishment... I had enough of this... I just want to have sex...

Sofia is in the bed, I’m watching tv and waiting until the guys come back. They have the last fight today, Luca forbade me from coming with him. So I’m just waiting here... He said that they will be back late because they want to give money to that gangster.

I’m tired and sleepy, but I’m determined to wait for them to come back. I want to know if Luca is okay, and maybe I’ll be lucky tonight.

My eyes start to close slowly, I can feel sleep consuming me, but suddenly a loud bang awakes me immediately.

I look up and see guys entering through the door. Dominic and Luke hold Luca by hands and dragged him inside.

“W-What happened?” I ask panicked. Guys quickly drag him to the couch and carefully lay him on it.

“The fight didn’t go as planned,” Dominic mutters quietly.

I look at Luca and see that his whole body is covered with cold sweat, he lies with closed eyes and breathing hard. My eyes follow his hand and I see him clenching his abdomen right side, immediately I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

Slowly, I lift his hand and look at what’s under it. I see blood... lot’s of it... All his shirt coated with blood.

“Don’t worry, we got it fixed,” Luke says with crossed hands. Anxiety and worry show on their faces.

“His opponent didn’t like that he was losing. So he took a nasty trick and stabbed Luca with a knife. Fear not, no important organs were damaged. We made sure he got inspected. He needs to be in bed mode for at least a week.” Dominic says rubbing his neck. ”Here, the painkillers. He can only drink three a day, don’t give more.” And pulls a gray box of tablets out of his pocket. Then gives them to me.

“Then the gangster got involved, he didn’t like Luca being injured in his club. He is one of the best fighters, he brought him a lot of profit.” Dominic says as he sits in an armchair. ”He will make sure he gets punished for it.”

I nod my head because I don’t know what I could answer him. Looking at Luca, I can’t stop blaming myself for this.

I gently cross his hair with my fingers and pull the strands from his forehead. He looks so tired and exhausted. I feel tears in my eyes.

But I can’t let that feeling overwhelm me now, I have to take care of Luca first.

”We should get him to the bedroom, I don’t want Sofia to see him like this.” I point out. The guy’s nods their heads and carefully lifts his body and carries him upstairs.

I instantly run to the bathroom and get the first aid kit, then join them in the room.

”I gave him sleeping pills, it should help him to rest better. You should go get some rest too, we will be in our rooms if you need anything come get one of us.” Dominic says tired and walks past me and squeezes my shoulder a little for comfort.

I look at his sleeping figure, everything must have drained him a lot. I stroll to him and carefully lift his shirt, the bandage is all bloody. I decide to clean his found before I go to sleep.

Easier said than done, it’s so hard to do it without waking him up... I tear off the bandage, didn’t it hurt? Or those pills were so strong that he doesn’t feel it in his sleep?

The wound looks disgusting, I hate blood. I know, all my pathetic life all I saw was blood and bruises, but still, it doesn’t make it easier to see it.

Taking a small ball of cotton wool soaked it in water and gently cleaned around the wound. Then took the new bandage and carefully placed it on the wound.

After a quick shower, I decided to bring a bottle of water maybe he will wake up in the middle of the night and will be thirsty.

Then slowly climbed to the bed, before closing my eyes I placed my palm on Luca’s forehead to make sure he doesn’t have a fever. I kiss his cheek and try to get a bit of rest.


The morning comes too quickly for my liking, I didn’t get much sleep. All night I couldn’t close my eyes, all the time I was thinking about him. What if I fall asleep and won’t feel when he wakes up and something happens or he needs something.

I have fallen asleep before dawn because I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open for longer...

I open my eyes slowly, my gaze first reaches Luca, I check to see if everything is okay. I look at the wound, the bandage is wet. But I decided to wait until he wakes up and then I will fix it.

Then I look at the clock, 9 am... I didn’t get a lot of sleep, just a few hours. I need coffee.

I decide to go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for everyone. It will distract me a bit and Luca maybe wakes up by then.

The house is so quiet, I thought that Sofia would be awake by this time.

Firstly, I prepare a cup of hot coffee. This definitely will help me to get through this day. I take the cup and lift it near my nose and take a deep breath of the delicious aroma. Take a small sip of coffee, appreciate this peaceful moment.

Without waiting I start preparing for cooking, take flour from the cupboard, milk, and eggs from the fridge, and start making pancakes.

Lost in the moment, I don’t notice how time passes.

”Good morning, ” a voice says from behind me.

Turning around I see Dominic entering the kitchen and taking a seat behind the island. He is wearing grey trousers and a white t-shirt.

”Good morning, maybe you can go see if Luca woken up? I don’t want to leave pancakes to burn” I explain.

”Don’t worry, I went to him before coming here. And I woke Sofia, she's getting ready with Luke. They will be down soon.” He says.

”Thanks, ” I say smiling, ”Can you take orange juice from the fridge and put it on the table?” I ask, he nods his head and I get back to my pancakes.

I hear him shuffling behind me, then Sofia’s cheerful voice emerges from the second floor. It doesn't take long when she runs into the kitchen and takes her usual seat behind the table, while Luke slowly drags his feet in the room with a yawn.

When everyone takes their places I take the plate full of pancakes and places it in the middle. The first one to take it is Sofia, while she starts to eat. Dominic takes her glass and pours juices, I make a cup of coffee for Luke, he needs it as much as I.

”Thank you, ” he says grateful, and quickly takes a sip of it.

Breakfast passed in peace, I was grateful that Sofia didn’t ask me why Luca wasn’t here. Maybe she thought he is still sleeping after she ate she disappeared into her room.

The guys suggested to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen, I couldn't resist this opportunity so I accepted. All the time I was thinking about Luca, I wanted to go see him.

I prepared a tray of food for him. Left boys in the kitchen and climbed the stairs to him.

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