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Chapter 26

The room is quiet, to my surprise he’s still sleeping. Quietly tiptoe to the window and open it a little to let fresh air inside. I feel tired, exhausted. I just want normal happy life, without any shit like this. It feels like someone likes to see me suffer and puts these things in my life, you know, just for fun. I hug myself, trying to comfort myself and take a deep breath. Maybe everything will be ok from now on.

When I turn around and look at him, I’m met with his intense gaze. I quickly run to him and hug strongly with my hands around him. I feel tears running down my cheeks.

“I’m so relieved that you are okay, I was so worried,” I say with my face in his crook of the neck. I can’t stop my tears; I can’t let go of him.

” I’m fine baby, don’t worry about it.” he kisses my head.

” Are you in any pain? Should I give you painkillers or maybe I should call the doctor? Or...” he interrupts my rumbling.

” Calm down, what I need is you,” he lifts my head that I would look at him and crash his soft warm lips at mine. I missed this, missed his warm hands running through my body, igniting every part of my body. His lips, leaving my body wanting for more. But I need to stop, because he is weak, he needs rest.

“What’s wrong?” he asks concerned; I look at him while his hand is placed on my cheek. I lean into it, I’m so happy that he is okey and with me again, I don’t think I could live without him.

“Let’s slow down, you need rest. I brought you food, I will help you.” I slowly get up and bring the tray of food to him. Taking few pillows and gently placing them behind him, I help him to sit a little bit. Making sure he doesn`t feel a lot of pain.

Taking a fork, I took a little piece of food and slowly put it into his mouth. When I look up, I see him smiling. “What?”

“You should feed me more often.” He says grinning.

“Nah, you can eat by yourself big baby.” I laugh, while he pouts. Not going to work with me buddy, but deep in my heart I know that I would do everything for him. He is worth it and deserves everything. But he doesn’t need to know that. His ego will be busted more…

When we were eating the doors opened and boys entered, they both were happy seeing him. “Seb has came and wants to talk to you.”

“Who?” I ask confused, “The gangster we own money.” Dominic answers.

“I will bring him here.” Luke says leaving the room, my eyes drift to Luca and I see that he is calm, but I’ not. My heart is pounding, what if he came to take me away or kill Luca….

My thoughts were disturbed by loud footsteps nearing our room, I felt someone taking my hand gently and squeezing it. Looking up, I see Luca, his eyes calms me down and I feel my body relaxing a little bit.

“I just came here to tell you, that your opponent was taking care of and the debt is off. Just one more thing, if you ever want to fight again, find me. I could pay you good money.” And with that he leaves…

I sit there stunned because I didn`t thought that this was what he wanted to say. I look at Luca, he sits still, without any emotion on his face. When he feels my stares, our gazes meet, and his eyes immediately became full of love. And at this moment I know that we have arrived at our happy ending.

1 week later

“Luca, where are we going?”

“Just wait baby, it’s a surprise.”

When I look through the cars window, I only see trees. I have asked him about million times about the place he was taking me. He said that we deserve a few nights alone, just him and I.

Suddenly I see a small wooden house near the lake, it’s beautiful. “Are we going to stay here?” I ask excited. “Yes, do you like it?” “I love it”

When he stops, we get out of the car and went straight to the front door while holding our hands. He opens doors for me, and I take first step inside, the place is mesmerizing. All furniture is authentic, there is big gray carpet in the living room with a black couch. There are big windows open the full view of the lake. “You will be free to look around when I’m satisfied with you, I’m sorry but I can’t wait anymore. I want you.”

“Then have me.” I whisper into his lips. I can feel his hot breath on my lips, not waiting anymore I crash my lips into his.

I felt his lips slowly making there way down my jaw. I couldn`t hold it anymore and moaned into the silence. I stretched my neck giving him more success which he took advantage of. He sucked on my sensitive skin, while his hands found there way on my hips and laid us on the carpet. His hand slipped under my skirt and played with my panties. Without any warning his finger slide inside me and my back arched needing more, needing this release.

“You like that baby?” He asked, his voice was deep.

“I need more” I whispered.

I licked my lips as I waited for his next move, when he realized what I mean he pulled our bodies together and ravished my lips while his fingers started pumping faster and faster. My body needed only three words from him to come to the bliss, “Come for me.”

Not waiting for my orgasm to end I felt his head in front of my entrance, when I opened my eyes, I saw him looking at me, waiting for confirmation. And I knew what I wanted and that was him, so I pulled his head and kissed him passionately while he slowly entered me.

I closed my eyes when I felt him inside me, first it hurt a bit, but after a few minutes it left me breathless. My hands trail down from his neck along his back, touching every part of his body. He pushed at me deeper and deeper, my moans were becoming screams from pleasure.

He picked up a faster pace, placing my hips to meet Luca’s every thrust. I felt my orgasm building up inside my abdomen…. Until the release…

I remained still for a few minutes, grinning like a fool, tired as hell, but happy…

“I love you so much”

“I love you too” And he kissed me.

Then our moment was ruined by telephone ring, someone was trying to reach us. “Go, maybe it’s important.” I got up and putting Luca’s shirt went to the kitchen for a drink.

“What’s wrong?” I asked seeing Luca’s gloomy face.

“It’s Dominic, there were cops at our house. They say they found your mother overdosed in some alley. I’m sorry baby.” He came to me and hugged strongly.

There were few tears, it’s sad. She was still my mother no matter what happened, she was the last one I had. But maybe she is now in better place, with my sister, together and maybe happier that she was here.

I’m glad I was able to find Luca and make my own happy ending.


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