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Chapter 4


I wake up from the ringing of my alarm clock, such an unbearable sound every morning. I lie on my back and remember yesterday night’s events, I don’t understand how a mother can be so cruel to her daughter. I don’t understand how a person can feel such a strong hatred for his child. I rub my face with my palms and decide it’s time to get up and see how much damage is done this time.

As always, the mirror shows the true me, broken, beaten, hurt, and unnecessary. I look terrible, my eyes are tired, there are black bags under my eyes, my hair is like a bird's nest, there is some dried blood on my neck. I see that there were scars on my hands from the impact when I tried to hide my face, and I think I twisted my wrist trying to lessen the fall on the floor.

This time I wore black jeans and a black sweater, which will help hide the bruises. Quietly down the stairs to the kitchen, I grab a sandwich and get out the main door. The road to school never seemed so long, but this time I have no energy.

The school

I reach school 15 minutes late, I don’t have a single lecture with the girls until lunch, so it’s going to be the most boring lesson...

I go to our place for lunch, I noticed them sitting and chatting from afar, but when they noticed me their faces changed immediately.

“What happened to you?” Lisa asked when she stood off the ground and didn’t pull her eyes off my face.

“How did that bruise appear on your forehead?” Anna asked shocked. I looked at them with a confused look, what the hell are they talking about. I pull out my phone and look at my image, pulling my hair, noticing that I missed one little bruise. Probably it came from falling to the ground, maybe I banged on the floor.

“You know how clumsy I am,” I say, trying to convince them and sit on the ground. Lisa and Anna look at each other with a disbelifiable look, but they don’t say anything and sit next to me.

“Mia, do you want a sandwich, mom did too.” Anna says she gives me her a sandwich, I quickly thank her and try to relax.

“Why are you so quiet?” Lisa asks, “I’m just tired, the week started badly.” She looks at me skeptically, I know she doesn’t believe me, but I don’t want to start this conversation.

While we were sitting and talking, I noticed a few figures coming. I’ve tried to see what’s out there and I’m sorry I did it... These are new guys. Luca, feeling my gaze directs his eyes to me, when I look around, I realized that they were moving toward us. I quickly brushed my eyes, pretending I hadn’t seen anything.

“Hey, the hot guys are coming our way.” Anna says that by quickly looking her way out, while pretending that she didn’t see them, I just rolled my eyes at her. It’s always like that.

“Hello girls, can we join you?” Luke asked while glancing at Anna, “Of course,” she replied, too cheerful to me. Even without raising my sight I could feel his gaze on me, and then I felt someone sat next to me, and I knew it was him.

I didn’t listen to what they were talking about, everything I could think of, how close he is to me. After a while, I was annoyed as he stared at me, I turned in his direction and saw that he was looking at my wrist, shit, it was beaten badly, maybe twisted because it was red and swollen, I quickly hid it with my sweater sleeve. When he saw what I did, he raised his gaze to look into my eyes.

“What happened?” he calmly asks, but I could feel the anger emanating from him.

“I fell,” I say quickly, hoping that he will believe me.

“Don’t lie to me. Who did it?” he says as a whisper yelled at me, I lowered my gaze and couldn’t hold his. I don’t know why I feel so vulnerable next to him, but at the same time, it’s so safe. I just shook my head saying no because I was scared if I tried to say something I burst into tears.

He takes my hand, interviews our fingers, and starts making circles with his thumb, trying to comfort me and to my surprise, it helps.

“Thank you,” I say quietly, I don’t want others to hear us, he nods his head.

When I realize that he’s silent around, I’m on my way to my eyes and see them all gasping at us. I see the shock on the girls’ faces because I never let any guy touch me, literally never.

Guys have those strange smiles on their faces, ugh they’re so weird. I quickly let go of his hand and felt my face heat up, I can feel that Luca is irritated, that I did it, whatever.

I send a look at the girls and hope they will get a hint, and stop being creepy.

“We have to go to eat something after school altogether.” Anna says cheerfully, I see wheels, turning in her head, she has something on her mind.

“Yes, it’s a great idea. In this way, we can get to know each other better.” Says Lisa is excited.

“I agree, we can go to that new pizzeria in the city center.” Dominic offers looking at us, they all nod their heads, even Luca, but I’m starting to think about money, I can’t afford it now.

“You go, I can’t.” I say by lowering my head, I try to avoid their curious gaze. The bell rings and I quickly get up and go to class, I hear someone shouting my name.

“Mia, wait.” Anna says.

“Is it about money?” she says cautiously, with concern on her face. Only she knew about the situation I lived in, but not that my mother abused me. I nod my head and chew my lips.

“Please come with us. You’re our friend, I’ll pay for you, you know it’s not a problem. Let’s have a little fun together, we don’t spend much time.” She says pouting and making puppy eyes, I hope she knows that the thing doesn’t work.

I know she’ll be really upset if I don’t go, so I agree, she jumps happily and pulls me into a tight hug. She always makes me smile. When we’re hugging I see Luca watching our interactions when he sees my smile, I see his lips pull a little up, but it doesn’t take long and he comes back to his stone face.

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