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Chapter 5

I feel like I made a mistake in agreeing with her, it’s 3 pm; my mom will want dinner at 6 pm, I need at least an hour to make it. I just hope that I will be able to return in time and be able to do it on time.

We all go to the pizzeria together, Luca walks next to me. We walk in silence when others are having a small conversation between them. As I feel my mood swing, I can feel his fingers brush next to mine, look at him, and see his eyes on me. I smile a little, telling him that I am fine, and he nods his head. I don’t know what’s going on between us, I can’t put my fingers on it myself. But this is the first time I feel so safe with someone; I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad.

The place is beautiful, it has some touches of the 80′s, the walls are covered with all kinds of posters; we find a booth where we could all fit in, Luca takes a seat next to me, and next to him is Dominica, on the other side of the table sits Luke, Anna, and Lisa.

I feel that Luke and Lisa feel an attraction to each other; and Anna and Dominic show their interest in each other. Anna is always a straightforward one in our group; Lisa is a little shy, but she has more confidence than me.

I watch the city through the window when suddenly I feel someone’s hand squeeze my palm. I look and see it’s Luca’s, but then I raise my eyes and see that everyone is looking at me.

“What?” I don’t understand what’s going on.

“I ask what you would like,” Anna says, smiling, “Sorry, I zoned out. I’ll take the same thing as you.” I say a little embarrassed, she nodded her head and said my order to the waiter.

I looked at Luca to see him still looking at me and he was still holding my hand, to my surprise, I liked that and didn’t push him. From his intense stare, I could feel my cheeks getting warmer; I turned my attention away from him and put my full attention to the conversation that the guys were having. From the corner of my eye, I could feel him smirk and squeeze a little bit my hand, then putting his attention to the rest of the group and making a few comments. I was comfortable and enjoyed the time with them and the warmth that Luca gave me.

From time to time I would do a quick look at his face, adoring his appearance and thinking why he was interested in me. I know he saw me looking because every time I did it, he would rub a circle with his thumb on my arm. I could get used to it.

The time went quickly with them, and when I looked at my phone I was mortified. Fuuuck it`s 5:20, I`m dead, so dead…… I need to go NOW!!!

“I... I…need to go…” I say grabbing my stuff and trying to slip past the boys. I see the confusion on all their faces. “Are you all right?” Anna asks, I see fear creeping on her face, but not for her, for me. I think she has an idea why I am like this.

“I need to go home, I’m sorry. I’ll see you later.” I say putting a jacket on me and rushing through the door. But while I can escape, I feel my hand grabbing my wrist when I look, I see Luca looking at me. “I’ll take you.” I nod because I know it will be faster than walking.

He leads me to his car and opens the door to me, I quickly sit and buckle up. All I could feel was a glimpse of him questioning, I just turned my face into a window so I didn’t need to look at him.

When he stops I quickly try to run to my house. “Wait” I hear him say and I turn around to face him, “Give me your phone,” he says holding his hand in front of me. I put it in his hand not quite sure why he needed it. “Call me if something happens.” I stand there alarmed, does he know something, I nod my head and run back to the house.

When I’m inside I’m glad that no one is in the house, looking out the window and seeing that he’s still standing there looking in my direction, I just pray that he would drive off quickly.

But no one listens to my preys, I see my mother coming, she stops near the car and says something to him, and he drives away. WHY?? Couldn’t she just go straight home, but then it hit me, I didn’t make anything. Shiiiit….

“Where’s my dinner?!!!” she screams from the living room. Fuuck, fuuck fuuck, what should I do now. Maybe I should run, no… it’s too late…

“I’m talking to you bitch.” She says standing in front of me.

“I didn’t make it.” I say lowering my head, I just hope she won’t beat me up.

“I don’t have any patience left with you! You can`t make anything right! You are just a waste of space! I will just get rid of you, worthless bitchh!!” she says grabbing a bottle and throwing at me, trying to avoid it I slip and hit the ground. That hurt…

But then she starts beating me, kicking with her feet. I feel pain in my chest, after a while, when she gets tired and disappears into her room, I try to crawl into my room.

When I finally am in my room, darkness consumes me…

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